Businesses and people blog to drive traffic to a website.  Traffic brings visitors and the more that is driven to a site, the better chance you have to impress a few with your content and better yet -- SALES.  My site is no different. 

After all, we all want to make money.  The biggest difference in my site and others like me, in my opinion, is we deliver a personal touch that displays our humanistic side.  We do this because we do care and want to motivate others like us to reflect and motivate you that IF WE CAN DO THIS, SO CAN YOU.


Seriously!  I honestly mean that.  Yes blogging can be affordable.  Is it free?  Only if you want to reach a very low level of influence.  In order to make money, you have to spend money and build something that attracts others' attention.  To start you off, I highly recommend you get a  bluehost account.  

A bluehost account is the starting point...the Start Line, if you will.  Starting at $3.95/month you can very cheaply start a blog.  Clicking the hyperlink will lock in the low rate for you so you can get the introductory offer and a 30-day money-back guarantee.  If you don't click the link, then you'll most likely overpay without the added benefits.   Your call.

When branding and/or selling products, most customers are more likely to buy from services or products when they trust the vendor/business/seller, etc.  This is probably obvious but it adds a level of personal touch to the products or might be supporting a noble cause.  At Dollar Otter, I started my niche in the personal financial blogging industry because I see a serious financial plague going on in the world where people are slave to the lenders--Biblical reference.  

My mission and vision is to help families become debt free and achieve financial freedom.  That's it!  Simple and to the point.  In order to educate families, I have to rely on blogging, social media, email networking, and other various tools to get my message out to the public.  Otherwise, my voice doesn't carry me far outside of San Antonio, Texas.

Blogging can allow people to share terrific ideas, cross-collaborate or vent with others or perhaps post ideas to get one to see something from the other side of the table. 

Whatever your reason or case may be, blogging has allowed many people to live more harmonious lives wheterh , in financial freedom, and/or give back more family time.  


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