1. Saving Money While You Travel

One of the best ways to save some moolah is to look in the area and find key days or weekends promoting Free Admissions. These are usually advertised by museums, tourist sites, and local events. In fact, one of my photos on this site was taken on a free admission day at the local San Antonio Museum.



2. Shop Around for Hotel Rates

Be flexible in your travel dates and you can save money on nightly rates at hotels. Two of my favorite places to shop rates are and my favorite hotel-chain IHG because of the free breakfast and the clean, comfortable rooms. These include hotels from Holiday Inn Express to Staybridge Suites, etc.



3. Book Available Short-Term Lodging

Airbnb has built a $2.6 billion industry off of everyday common people renting out their homes, apartments, cottages, etc. If you're going on vacation, this can be a great way to earn some money back while you travel. Click HERE to learn more.  Another great resource can be from Groupon.  



4. Stay Overnight on Sunday

Many travelers utilize hotels from Friday night to Saturday night leaving more availability to hotels. Business travelers typically stay in hotels during the week from Monday to Friday to take advantage of low rates on Sundays. If you are a hotel rewards member, this can be a great way to maximize your points for the least amount of money. With Rewards program, you get 1 free night per 10 nights booked. You pay only for the taxes and fees on a free night.



5. Stay at a Campsite

Over memorial day weekend, my kids and I went to a KOA campsite where we stayed in a cabin over a three-day vacation. This trip including food and cabin was under $300. We built a lot of memories there cooking hot dogs and roasting marshmallows to include making new friends.


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