10 Top Christmas Toys of 2019 & Other Holiday Tips

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his week, my mailbox has been flooding with toy magazines arriving from Amazon to Mindware all competing to get my business this Holiday Season.  

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With my two children, 8 and 5, it is difficult to find the perfect toy. Sure, I can just buy them whatever, but as a parent, you want that magical moment of your children racing down the stairs early in the morning to sneak a peek of the presents safely tucked and organized under the brightly lit tree in hopes their parents are awake.


Wait! That was my brother and me.  


This may also be a time that causes undue stress in the household and perhaps financial stress. According to a recent study, "Consumers expect to spend an average $1,047.83 – including purchases made earlier – for an increase of 4 percent over last year, according to the National Retail Federation's annual survey released in October."


With so much money being spent, there is always the risk of buying a gift that the recipient doesn't want or doesn't value. Then you think to yourself why you spent so much time, effort, and money on a gift in the first place. Giving cash just feels lazy and carries the impression of lack of thought. According to Psychology Today, "Gifts are really about signalling your regard for the other, and this explains why almost universally presents that take time and effort are preferred to those that cost a lot."


This article will assist you in saving time and hopefully money when toy shopping this year. By shopping smart and having a plan, you can still deliver a magical Christmas while avoiding the risks of overspending. 


Below are the top 10 anticipated toys for boys and girls based on Amazon's research according to the latest trends. 


Sample Toy Pricing

This Holiday Season, have fun with the experience.  Don't over-analyze every purchase and don't stress over the idea of pleasing everyone. 


Is there such a thing as the "perfect gift"?  Remember, a perfect gift is what the recipient really wants, enjoys, and appreciates, and would not buy for themselves.  No pressure, right?

In the DIYJoy.com article, 41 DIY Gifts to Make for Kids (Think Homemade Christmas Presents), the author highlights awesome gifts that are cheap, but may require some elbow grease.  From doll houses to a Puppet Theater, there is something for every child.  Besides, the kids would rather play in an empty box anyway!

If you find yourself needing more toy recommendations, Good House Keeping has expert and kid-approved toys for every age group.  Caution-it's a long list of toys.  Good House Keeping's Best Toys for Kids of Every Age.

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saving money


PractICAL WAYS to Save Money.png

3 Tips to Avoid Overspending

Do you tend to get carried away with buying presents around this time of the year?  Over the next few weeks, watch your spending habits and you will see the fruits of your actions.  Here are the three tips:

1. Set a Smart Goal

Be realistic with the amount of money you can spend without being pushed to use credit cards. 

Itemize how much you plan to spend for each person.

2. Track Your Spending

Using a notebook, phone note app, or sticky note, monitor how much you are spending after each purchase.  Taxes ad up quickly and with multiple purchase, it's easy to lose track.

3. Review & Revise Your Plan

It is likely you'll need to make adjustments.  Just recognize it's normal and it's okay. 

Revise your plan by offsetting expenses with other gift amounts.


Source: Wix Photo Gallery


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