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From the Golden Isles of Georgia to the painted desert sunset at California's Joshua Tree National Park, spending money on vacations can get very expensive.  So expensive in fact, that many families push off a big vacation to another year and settling for something to visit somewhere local.  

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Groceries & restaurants can be a large expense to a family's budget. 

Knowing how much to store away for emergency situations depend on a variety of factors.  Discover how much you need.


As good stewards of your money, there are moments in life when you must park your money safely for a short period.  Because you need to be able to access it in the future for purchases or perhaps for other reasons, investing in the market is out of the question.    

Putting your money under your mattress creates additional risk, so you are keen to the idea of storing it in a savings account or CD.  Explore the options of both.

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