4 Proven Steps in the Sales Funnel

When it comes to channeling sales to your website, there is a tactic used by many successful entrepreneurs that many, if not most, new bloggers or website businesses fail to do....Establish a sales funnel.

In the previous units, we discussed the importance of building an email list and using a conversion resource such as ConvertKit to reduce your workload and assist in streamlining the collection process.

Below are my highly recommended 5 types of funnels you should consider. While you don't have to establish all 5, you should create at least 2-3 if you wish to be successful. Before we discuss this, here are 3 tips if you must establish.

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In the photo above, I display what a typical funnel in sales looks like. It is important to note that not every customer or viewer on your page is a buyer. When customers visit your site, they are there for a reason and so you need to entice them with something to attract their attention.


Creating an ebook for your particular niche that you can give away for free builds trust with the client. Also, you could create something such as 5-Step Plan to Losing Weight/Making Sales/Building an Email List, etc, just to use as examples.

This helps to start generate leads. In return for the customer providing your his or her email address, you provide a free resource that is highly valuable to your potential client.



Now consider which which of the two scenarios would be easiest to attract:

  1. Collecting 100 email addresses/sales for $1,000 each

  2. Collecting 10 email addresses/sales for $10,000 each


Believe it or not, it takes more effort and work to collect 100 email addresses of interested clients than it does collecting 10 email addresses. By creating a valuable product or service and charging the correct amount for it, is how many successful entrepreneurs generate high amounts of wealth.


Sure it takes more time to create, build, produce, and market, but once the product is ready, you can focus your attention on attracting the 10.



Another great step and process that is highly recommended is utilizing multiple funnels at once. With more than one funnel working in your favor, you can create more interest, more buzz, and more sales. This is why something such as ConvertKit is so important.


My recommended 5 Types of Funnels are as below:

A. Email List Funnel

B. Webinar Funnel

C. Affiliate Funnel

D. Book Funnel

E. Services Sell Funnel


1. Email List Funnel

In the lead capture portion of the funnel (top), you can offer free consultation, a free ebook, etc to generate some buzz and interest while in return getting an email address to pitch a product later in order to upsell.


2. Webinar Funnel


Create a webinar and offer it free to interested prospective buyers. This will provide you with an opportunity to answer questions, build trust etc, while receiving email address in return. At the end of the webinar you can pitch a product. This form of sales is very common.


3. Affiliate Funnel

You pitch a product as mentioned in earlier units with affiliate marketing. Perhaps you personally tried a product and liked it. You blog about it or make a video and then recommend the product to your viewers.


4. Book Funnel

I am always creating ebooks and selling them on Amazon. I also give these away for FREE in return for email addresses.


5. Services Sell Funnel

Here you create a landing page (through ConvertKit) and then offer several packages to fit ones budget. For example, I am selling a Traffic Builder Strategy on my Landing Page. Viewers are interested so they sign up with their email. In return, I send them a link to another page that gives them three options to purchase:

The higher the package, the more goodies and materials included.


Remember that when you are pitching products to your viewers that you are the authority figure! You are the expert and only you can help them achieve their dreams. You have to believe it before your clients believe it.


Try these tactics in Sales Funnels and then share your experience in the comment box below.


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