Your Guide to 2019 After Christmas Deals & Sales

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Credit: Negative Space | Pexels

Your Guide to After-Christmas Sales

Article by Eric Reed |

Every year on Dec. 26, a magical thing happens. Almost everything goes on sale.

For retailers, the holiday gold rush spans from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve. (Although this unofficial start date has crept earlier in recent years.) Then, all of a sudden, the party's over. It's a pretty abrupt end to absolutely gangbusters fun, and shops around America would like to avoid a post-holiday hangover.

So starting the day after Christmas, they launch sales that can rival anything on Black Friday.

For you, it's a chance to grab some great deals, spend some gift cards and maybe even make a few returns and exchanges. (Discreetly of course. Aunt Melba never needs to learn you didn't love the Papal nunchuck action figures.)

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Credit: Daria Shevtsova | Pexels

What to Expect From After Christmas Sales in 2019

Article by Erin Coduti |

The holiday sale season doesn't end with Christmas! In recent years, After Christmas sales have really grown, tempting shoppers worn out from shopping for others into buying a few items for themselves.

Want to get the best deals after Christmas? Then read on for our complete guide to After Christmas sales, from when they start to the product categories to watch.

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The Best After-Christmas Sales of 2019

Article by Shanon Maglente |

With Black Friday on the horizon, our inner shopaholics are already wondering about what after-Christmas sales will be happening once the holiday festivities are over. December 26 through 30 will be busy shopping days, with stores hoping to clear out inventory before the new year. It's also a great time to use those new holiday gift cards!

While it might be too early to tell if TV prices will drop after Christmas this year, we do have an idea on the best places to shop after the holidays. To help you imagine what sales to look out for and see what's worth buying post-holiday, see below for what was offered in 2018 after-Christmas sales at big retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Target offered deals on toys, beauty, clothing and more at 50% off in their after-Christmas sales, and Amazon slashed prices on laptops and Dyson vacuums.

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