7 Best Apps to Lower Monthly Bills & Expenses

It's happened again. Your promotion rate for your cable service or cell phone expired, and now you see your monthly bill jump up. Promotion periods entice consumers, people like you and me, to jump on board and take advantage of desirable rates. Wow! I can get this cell phone for 36 easy payments of $25 per month!

Sometimes we all need some assistance because it saves us time. Using a money app service like one mentioned below can save you time and save you money.

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In this article, we will cover 7 Apps to Lower Your Monthly Expenses and to help you keep track of your monthly subscriptions.

1. Clarity Money

Source: Clarity Money

What happens when you combine Artificial Intelligence with Finances? You get something like Clarity Money. With over three million users, this powerful money app for your Android or iPhone can track nearly everything money related to your finances.

A favorite feature of mine is its ability to track my spending. This app can assist in organizing your expenses and giving you a snapshot of your transactions, leading to smarter decisions.

It doesn't stop there. You can start a budget and take control of your spending. Do you have subscriptions you need help to track? This app helps you with that too. If you want to cancel any of these services, Clarity Money can help you with that also!

2. Truebill

Source: Truebill

I tried Truebill last year before switching over to Clarity Money, and it is a great app but has some limitations. It doesn't have the AI capability and will not make recommendations based on opening a savings account. But, you cannot make a direct comparison between Clarity and Truebill because the two are not apples to apples, and Truebill is designed to help lower your expenses.

You can optimize your spending and have Truebill work on your behalf to lower your subscriptions and bills. The way it works is you input data on the expenses you want Truebill to negotiate, and they will research and contact the companies on your behalf.

The savings, however, are shared with Truebill. For example, if you have a $100 monthly bill and Truebill negotiates a lower rate to $90, Truebill will collect 40% of the savings. In this case, $4 of the $10 saved will be paid to Truebill.

3. Trim

Source: AskTrim

Similar to Truebill, AskTrim.com will cancel most unwanted subscriptions, negotiate your bills for lower rates, and shop for better car insurance rates.

This money app helps you to make the most of your personal financial situation.

If you have to struggle to save money or put aside some cash towards an emergency fund, Trim allows you to automate your savings into a high-yield account.

4. Emma Budget Manager

Source: Emma-App

With recommendations by Forbes and Financial Times, Emma offers a state-of-the-art financial platform designed to help avoid overdraft fees, help cancel wasteful spending, and track your money.

Emma requires a subscription from $5.99 per month or an annual subscription of $49.99. Start tracking your expenses today and discover where your money keeps going.

5. SubscriptMe

Source: SubscriptMe

Sometimes you want a money app that doesn't have all the bells and whistles. You want simplicity. You just want an app to help you track and manage your bills. With SubscriptMe, you can track all of your subscriptions in one location.

Having an app like SubscriptMe is useful because we can be very forgetful of how many services we pay monthly. From streaming services to magazines, summing up these expenses can really add up quickly.

6. Hiatus

Source: HiatusApp

Hiatus is a highly rated, award-winning money app. What is something out in the online world that can tell you if your rates are high? Do you know where your mortgage or credit card rates are in comparison to others?

Hiatus is an intuitive money app designed to help inform you of competitive and fair rates, so you aren't overpaying. Cancel any unwanted subscriptions with one click saving you time and money.

This app will alert you of upcoming charges and overpriced bills, so you are a better-informed consumer.

7. BobbyApp

Source: BobbyApp

BobbyApp doesn't directly lower any monthly bills. No negotiators are helping you call companies and fighting on your behalf to seek after more affordable and lower interest rates.

However, don't let this discourage you. It is a great app to track all of your monthly recurring expenses. While it does take some time to input all of your costs, BobbyApp provides a tremendous visual of when upcoming bills are due.


When it comes to lowering your monthly expenses, knowing where your money is going is vital to every household finances. You can't lower your bills if you don't know where it is being spent.

Having an app on your phone is a great way to track and lower your monthly expenses.




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