12 Cheap Date Night Ideas to Save You Money

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A few weeks ago, a colleague mentioned that his date night cost him over $100 for an evening dinner and a taxi ride. This seems affordable to some, while others find it expensive and are in search of cheap date night ideas or fun date night ideas. How about at home date night ideas?

How much does your date night usually cost? I've witnessed some date night expenses exceeding over $200 for an extravagant dinner. Now that's getting pricey.

While I am not advocating against spending this much on your evening, I am advocating that if you're not budgeting correctly, this expenditure can set you back.

So why would anyone spend over $200 on dinner? As men, we tend to believe we need to impress the women in our lives. Such impressions include gifts, fancy evenings, or pretending to be someone other than yourself.

In reality, according to Psychology Today, "women want to be desired" and be courted. So stop worrying about trying to impress her, but desire her.

Not every date night has to break your household budget. In this article, you will discover 12 Affordable and Cheap Date Night Ideas that are budget-friendly so you can spend quality time together without having to stress over money. Let's dive in.

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1. Search Online for Calendar of Events

Do you need fun date night ideas? What better way to find a variety of entertainment and events in your area than your city's calendar of events.

It's a terrific way to mix things up and find new events that you may not have thought about. Most large cities and towns have a website posting events by dates to help you plan that perfect evening.

In this example of San Antonio Events, you can browse by dates, sports, movies, restaurants, and more. Best of all, there is no guessing on price. You can easily see how much tickets are for every event.

Start browsing online for your city. Next, plan an evening. Consider a few places such as a trip to a local museum followed by dinner. This creates an atmosphere of learning more about each other's likes and dislikes while opening opportunities for further discussions. Follow this with a wine bar visit.

2. Groupon Events

Ever thought about having an affordable date night in Los Angeles or Houston? How would one go about doing this? At the top of Groupon's title bar, you will find "Things To Do."

From boat tours to concerts, you can affordably find hundreds, if not thousands, of events to attend that are budget-friendly. Plus, searching on Groupon's Things to Do helps you to become more creative. Your date will think you planned this night for weeks.

Because you can stay under budget on your date, many of the events will list their price range plus, it is very common to get deals ranging from 20-80% off the ticketed price.

That is considerable savings compared to full retail. For example, a comedy club had 33% off ticket prices meaning you and a date can go out for a total cost of $29.80. Throw in a decent meal for $30, and you have a $60 fun evening.

3. The Ultimate Home Date Night Idea

Do you like "Game Night"? A terrific way to build your relationship is to work as a team and to communicate towards a common goal. Consider inviting some friends over to enjoy a fun game night evening.

Encourage your friends to bring their snack of choice, and you can keep your expenses low by ordering pizza from DoorDash or heading to your local grocery store for chips and salsa, snacks, or other related food items.

When hosting a game night, you should consider some essentials before an event. Make sure you have a large area in your home or outside on a back patio (weather pending), decent lighting, and great music.

Some popular recommended games that your family and friends are bound to enjoy playing are:

Codenames Board Game


Crazy Letters

What's Your Like

4. Dinner & a Movie (At Home Date Night)

Guys...listen up! This isn't your "Get Out of Jail Free Card!" Details matter in this one. Your role is to prepare a dish (dinner) for your partner. When preparing a meal, make sure you are planning correctly. Do not think that cooking up some Grilled Cheese sandwiches and soup will cut it.

Creating a delicious meal is easy as long as you plan accordingly. I recommend using PlateJoy for healthy meal options that will outline which items you need to prepare or browse on YouTube for his or her favorite dish.

One of my favorite ways to get recipes is by researching YouTube. I have a few favorite chefs that whip up some delicious meals at affordable prices.

Next, dress the table appropriately with silverware, flowers, soft music, and a bottle of wine (if you prefer).

Finally, choose an appropriate movie (NO ACTION FLICKS!). The movie selection is to enjoy each other's company, so find something you will BOTH enjoy.

5. Find Cheap Date Night Ideas at LivingSocial.com

Much like Groupon, LivingSocial.com has additional offers to save you money on outings from bowling to fine dining. With packages for two, you can easily plan an evening that involves food, drinks, and play.

6. Creative Date Night Idea: Visit a City Park

You might be surprised, but city parks are a great way to catch a free concert or a free movie, and it is creative. Usually, on Friday or Saturday nights, a local group, domestic corporation, or neighborhood will host a movie night event.

Such events are not only a great way to do something out of the box and different, but is also a great way to improve your relationships with your neighbors and friends. Check your local listings and local Facebook groups to explore your options.

7. Fun Date Idea: Adventure Date

One of my favorite day dates is to do something outdoorsy together like kayaking, hiking, or walking through farmer's markets. Being outside in the sun charges your energy and is a great way to reduce stress.

While hiking or whatever your adventure may be, look for ways to communicate and learn more about each other.

Visit websites such as REI to learn about outdoor adventures or visit National Park websites.

8. Date Night at a Church Event

Local churches will not only host Parents Night Out where you can drop off your kids with responsible babysitters, but churches occasionally will host events and movies as well. It is a great way to connect with your community while also having a cheap date night.

My home church in San Antonio hosted Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, Christian concerts, and family events. While some may find this dull and annoying, it can be a great way to improve your household finances together while removing any tension that may arise between you two because the course acts as an intermediary.

What is your local community hosting?

9. Fun Date Idea: Roller/Ice-Skating

What better way to remind you of being a kid than skating. This is an affordable evening that you can enjoy a few hours together followed by a cup of coffee, tea, or wine.

10. Go Camping for a Fun Adventurous Date

Some of my best memories are going camping. Think of cooking s'mores around a campfire, walking the trails, checking out a new area, etc.

If you do not have a camper or RV, consider buying a tent, renting a cabin or RV.

You can browse online for a variety of local campsites and campgrounds that are affordable.

11. Have an Ice-Cream Date

After having a home-cooked dinner, go out for a delicious ice-cream cone, sundae, or milkshake. This can be a great way to communicate with your date while removing any distractions from home.

Chase this delicious treat with a walk around town, park, or the beach.

12. Host a BBQ

Much like hosting a game night, having a BBQ with friends can be a fun evening for you and your date. Consult with your partner or spouse and draft a list of friends to invite while asking them to bring a dish.

When it comes to date nights, you do not have to break the bank to have a fun evening. Above we covered twelve different ways to have an affordable evening. Be sure to check out my YouTube video for other great affordable date ideas.

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