5 Ways to Save Money on Food

1. Customized Meal Recipes

Everyone wants to eat healthy but it is never easy. Time and creativity work against you. When I started eating healthier meals, I quickly learned how difficult it was to think outside the box because inside this mental mind of mine consisted of meals containing potatoes and carrots.

If you are like me and my kids, vegetables are boring! Or are they? Learning from chefs and online research will quickly teach you how to be creative when cooking and preparing vegetables.

This is how I discovered PlateJoy. It has opened my eyes to how fun can be by customizing meals to my schedule and diet. My favorite feature is the printable grocery list based on what food is currently in your pantry. This eliminates waste while saving money.

In the video below is a sneak peek into what the menu looks like and my customized meal plan.


2. Affordable Quick Shopping List

If you need fast but healthy food that won't break the bank, then $5 Meal Plan might be for you. By simplifying meal planning, organized meals keep your grocery bill low and within your budget. It includes money saving tips when you shop, food ideas for lunch and dinner, and tips to save time and energy.

Right now with my link, $5 Meal Plan, you can try this plan risk free for 14 days. Cancel anytime if you do not like it. My advice, give it a try since it's FREE during this 14-day period. Unless you don't care to save money!

3. Plan Your Meals

Failing to meal plan during the work week can take a big toll on your budget. Lunches get expensive and you can mitigate this by bringing your lunch to work. By meal planning over the weekend, you can prep and save money.

I do this easily because I purchased several meal prep containers from Amazon that easily fit into my lunch bag. By bringing my lunch, I've noticed that I tend to eat healthier too.

4. Coupon Clipping

Finding, sorting, and clipping coupons can be time consuming. Almost so that many people just refuse to do it. You are throwing money away if you are one of these people. I have to admit, I am one of these people too. Which is why I use Ibotta.

Read my article for more information on this, "Using Ibotta for Free Cash Back and Get a Free $10 Bonus".

5. Limit Going Out to Eat

You throw away so much money in a month by going out to eat. According to Statista, there is an increase in how much families are dining out in the U.S. Obviously the more you dine out, the more expensive it gets.

While you justify this behavior to saving time and stress, it doesn't help your budget. Limit your outings to once a week and notice the impact to savings that will add up.

If you have debt, then you should be eating out more than once a week because your focus needs to be paying off debt.

Eating at restaurants can add up and consume a large portion of your budget. Try to encourage smart behaviors by proper meal planning and taking lunch to work. By thinking ahead, you can save money and eat healthier.

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