How to Affordably Eat Healthy


Being an avid runner, kayaker, and hiker, it should be no surprise to those who know me well, that I try to eat healthy.

One of the challenges that I face when I want to eat healthy is the price of groceries, because typically

I prefer organic fruits and vegetables but the inflated prices of this type of produce severely impacts my budget.

In this blog, you'll learn:

  • How I eat healthy

  • Where I get my shopping list

  • How I save money

  • What available meal plans are available

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It has been a constant struggle and when paying off debt to achieve financial freedom, food is a must-have expense and necessity that you cannot do without.

Once, I tried a meal plan that claimed my grocery bill would average $155-$200 a month. As attractive as this is, I tried it and the claim was accurate and my food bill was approximately $165 for that month-unheard of I know.

However, the food selection was not the healthiest and I felt "blah" after meals because I wasn't getting the necessary nutrients that my body needs to function properly or just bloated.

One of the struggles I kept finding is a one-stop source that can provide me with both healthy meal plan options and a grocery list. Usually I can always find one or the other but rarely both and the ones I do find are mediocre at best. This changed when I discovered PlateJoy and now that I've been using this service for two weeks, I can honestly say "I Love It!". Seriously! It's that great!

I took advantage of the company's free trial period and built my profile which took only a few minutes. I like to eat but I want to eat healthy to include meal options are available that are nutritious for my family.

After building the profile, you can chose if you want to have leftovers for next day lunches, another money saver. With PlateJoy you can plan meals from $8 per month which is the service I chose.

Once you construct your profile, you chose among numerous meal plans designed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. It is a customized meal plan and the meals and snacks are delicious.

I was first worried because my daughter is the pickiest of eaters and refuses to eat green vegetables but she does like one of the snacks rather than breakfast, "Hummus and Cucumber Breakfast Sandwich".

After selecting from a variety of meals, the site or app will build a shopping list. The shopping list is in order by types of produce and prior to printing your list, you can select or deselect the items you already have in your pantry.

Because of this efficiency, it lowered by grocery bill by $200. My favorite parts of this meal plan are I get to eat healthy and save money.

PlateJoy is joy and I haven't found a meal that I have disliked yet. By food prepping some of the snacks, it has curved my appetite for my usual go-to snacks that are not nutritious or healthy.

We love the Apple Peanut Butter and Chocolate "Cookies"!

PlateJoy has gained a lot of attraction lately with reviews from Fast Company, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, etc. Highly recommend this company and give it a try with their free-trial. If you don't like, there super easy app let's you cancel the service before your payment is processed.

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