5 Best Part-Time Jobs


There are moments in life when extra money is needed. Perhaps you overspent your budget or an emergency situation arises that caused you to dip into your savings. You've sacrificed where you can and now you feel defeated or exhausted and have no where left to turn. What to do? Well whether it is debt or budgeting, there are several jobs that can quickly pay you and I will outline those below.

Before I mention these jobs, let us quickly look at the root cause of mostly likely why you are broke.


When it comes to paying off debt, you have a few choices and these may seem like common sense: lower your monthly expenses and/or increase your income. If you become familiar with your budget and cut out key areas of either waste or find areas to cut back on but your income doesn't change, this may free up some cash flow but not much; however, it is progress.

Sometimes you cannot cut anymore in your expenses so you have to find sources of income so you sell things around your home or borrow money to make ends meet.

Bringing in additional income sometimes means giving up more time away from family or friends until you can establish a regular passive income (more on this later). But focusing on paying off your debt is priority.

Here are several part-time jobs where you can work your own hours and days to assist you in knocking out expenses to reach financial freedom.

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1. Freelancing

When you freelance, you are working in an online environment from your PC, desktop, Mac, iPhone (you get the point) from anywhere with an internet connection. It allows you to pick jobs in specialized areas from contractors, businesses, or other entrepreneurs who need a task completed.

I did freelance work for 2 years while completing my Masters degree and the focus of my work would entail excel formatting and building financial models. Other jobs might entail proof-reading literature or articles and even art designs. With that being stated, some months I had earned up to $2,500. Other jobs paid around $50-$90. Two of my favorite choices are Upwork and Freelancer.

2. Driving

This new profound industry has changed the taxi industry in many ways by not only lowering expenses but creation of new jobs. Drivers can make money depending on how much time they put in but the benefit is picking your own time and hours. It's the flexibility of this job that ranked it high on the list. Two of the top recommended choices are Lyft and Uber.

You will have to show proof of your drivers license, insurance, and provide proof from a qualified mechanic that your automobile is safe for passengers.

3. Care Services*

With full disclosure, DollarOtter.com does have an affiliation marketing agreement with Care.com; however, the company offers a wide variety of services you can provide to others from house sitting to pet care and from housekeeping to tutoring. The application process takes less than 5 minutes and you are approved/disapproved within 24 hours.

Similar to the others above, you can decide on when you want to work your own hours and even be notified at the list minute, if you choose, of jobs needing immediate attention. With the flexibility in job opportunities, I find this services site to beat out a few other competitors as they offer services in numerous areas around the U.S.

4. Blogging

While blogging itself rarely makes any money, if at all, it is a gateway to opening up opportunities for advertisers to pay you for valuable information or content you may have. Also, it is a way to build up a base and sell reliable and trustworthy products or services to your viewers. This can establish what I mentioned earlier, passive income.

You create something that is valuable one time, and then set it up to where viewers are purchasing it. It can pay daily, monthly, or even five years down the road. There are a lot of information about blogging so be sure to conduct your due diligence and proper research. Also, if you're considering to start a blog, ensure it is a topic or niche that you are passionate about and have interest and experience in to help validate the information to your readers.

5. Online Surveys

Getting paid to do surveys can be quite daunting if you aren't looking at the proper resources/pages. I wasn't a fan of this until I discovered two sources: American Consumer Opinion and Pinecone Research. The only downside is you cannot cash out until you reach a certain milestone.

Once that minimum floor has been reached, you will start receiving Paypal deposits or however, you set up your deposits. Some surveys pay anywhere from $5 to $75 depending on the length of the survey and how in-depth the questions get. But if you have an hour in the evening every so often, you can easily make a few hundred dollars per month.

*It is important to note that we only recommend services and products that we have either tried personally or have conducted a thorough review to ensure the highest quality of products or services.

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