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Read below on how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant & Establish Your Own Online Business 

Learning to establish a business working within the Pinterest construct can seem daunting.  The visual search engine has boards, pins, followers, groups, and much much more to track.  Then you have to know when to strategically pin these resources.  No wonder so many people are hiring professionals like you to take over this task. 


These tasks can be overwhelming, even for pros like yourself.  This is why sites like Tailwind have become so popular.  Its algorithm makes pinning easier by looking at the optimal times to post so you images and pins can receive the maximum attention.


Having your knowledge and background on Pinterest, you have a good grasp and feel confident in working within this construct, you should take this new profound talent and monetize it.  

Can You Really Make Money Pinning & Creating Within Pinterest?

Absolutely!  Many Virtual Assistants (VA) make anywhere from $35 + per hour.  The more experience and fluid you are with Pinterest, the more you can charge.

Within this blog, you are going to learn:

  • Establishing Your New Pinterest Business Account

  • How to Market Your Services

  • How to Seek Business Opportunities

If you are really excited and passionate to get started, then first thing first.  This blog isn't here to waste your time--only add VALUE to it!

Step 1: Research Your Niche & Interest

Here are some subjects you should consider and then research these on and Google Keyword Planner to determine if there is a market for it.  Below are screenshots of both when determining Virtual Assistant. 

Above is a screenshot of Google Keyword Planner.  Once you open your search, sort by volume.  This provides you insight to how often people are searching these terms.  


Below is a screenshot of  I prefer to obtain a few sources of information and not rely on a single source.  This helps to reinforce the data and can sometimes provide additional information that the first source didn't provide. 

Virtual Assistant has been searched over 60,000 TIMES!



Step #2 Convert or Create a Pinterest Business Account 

Here you must decide whether to convert your personal Pinterest account to a business account or create a new account entirely.  Each person's situation will be different.  If you have a small follower, less than 200, consider just converting it.  

You don't want to mix business with pleasure plus when establishing your brand, followers will be interested in your pin topics related to your business, not your personal pins.  

For example, if you have a craft and arts Pinterest business account, it will be difficult to market yourself as a VA if you also have pins about dog shampoo or walking dogs.  The two markets don't mix well. 

Once you have this account created, focus on building 10-20 boards.  Each board should have more than 5 pins in it.  This will take some time but is very important. Take a look at Pinterest's Boards and how organized and clear these are.  

Be sure to read Pinterest's Creating a Pinterest for Business account


Step #3 Market Your Services

Content creation can be very useful when it comes to marketing your business.  Invite fellow pinners, bloggers, marketers, etc to join your boards or build a group board.  They will share your content and this boosts your audience potential.  

Use sources such as or to create beautiful graphics.  This is where your talent can be monetized.  Businesses pay for results and results are made by attracting viewers and buyers.  

Take a look at the company's [Pinterest] boards to get an idea of their pins.  Please note that recently a change in size has been mentioned to the community so the recommended size is 735 x 1102 and in the near future anything longer than 1102 will be cut off. 

Pinterest prefers a 2:3 ratio so just keep this rule in your mind.

Step #4 Seek Business Opportunities

Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant is only possible if you have a business acount and are able to create great pins.  If you still fit this description, then check out to start your new online business. 

A very important component that you need to understand is do not be fearful by the large fluctuations in pricing you see.  You charge what you are worth because businesses will pay you for what you are worth as long as you deliver.  


Take note that while some VA's are starting at $5 for very BASIC service, others are charging $100/hour.  I was once paid $250 per hour to produce a solid product that took me 3 hours to complete. 


So once again, don't allow yourself to be underpaid.   


If you are interested in how to capitalize and monetize using Pinterest, then check out my online course through

Check it out: Pinterest Marketing Secrets: Earn Monthly Income


In this course you will learn:

  • Identifying Key Niches

  • How to establish Marketing Relationships

  • Strategic Advertisting

  • Content Creation & Linking

  • SEO & Keywords

  • Brand Building

  • Sales Funneling

  • Email Conversion Tactics

  • Pinning Resources

  • Trusted IT Staff with Udemy 24/7

  • Instructor Access

  • and lecture/video content


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