Make $500 a Week

Charging Bird Scooters

(Less than 2 Hours per Day)

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ou've tried driving for Uber and Lyft, but now that the market is so competitive, you're looking for a way to earn some extra cash and fast!  In over 120 cities, Bird Scooter is helping to make the city commutes greener. 

What is Bird

Bird is a micro-mobility company offering an affordable form of transportation by renting affordable electric scooters.  While a highly competitive market, Bird is rapidly becoming a popular choice for quickly getting from point A to point B in major cities.

The company has notched "a $2 billion valuation in less than a year" after launching in 2017.  Scooters are no longer for kids.  From college students to businessmen and women looking for a faster method of getting to their destination, these electric scooters are rapidly becoming popular.

Can You Make Money with Bird Scooters by Being a Charger

Similar to Lyft, you will typically get paid the next day.  Despite weekends or weekdays, as long as you can put the scooters in a particular designation, called Nest, between the hours of 4 am - 7 am, you will receive payment.

For example, if you picked up five scooters (assuming $5 per scooter) on Friday at 7 pm for charging, and released the scooters to its Nest by 7 am on Saturday fully charged, you will receive a payment on Saturday with most banks.  Since I bank with USAA, I typically get paid on Saturday morning by 730 am.  

Different Birds will have different prices ranging from $1-$6 depending on its charge, but you can filter between price ranges.  


How to Maximize Your Earnings

Start by filtering the Bird results by "Last Ridden", "Last Located", and Price.  Having read several tutorials and discussed with fellow Bird Chargers, the sweet spot is the $4-$6 range, but only choose Birds that have been ridden within the last 12 hours. 

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earning income

earning income

earning income

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I select these results because if the Bird has been ridden recently, you will spend less time looking for it as some shenanigans can exist with fellow renters hiding the scooters.  While this is not the norm, it does occasionally happen, but you are here to learn how to maximize your earnings.  Time is Money!

To maximize your profits, you need to be fast and efficient.  The way to be the most efficient is as you drop off the Bird scooters that were recently charged, browse the local area using the app for available Bird scooters to be picked up between the price range mentioned above to pick up for charging.  This strategy will save you time and money.    

Many Bird Chargers will only drop off the chargers making several trips and once the task is complete, then start looking for available Birds to pick up and charge.   My strategy saves you time.  

Buy Your Very Own Electric Scooter

How Can You Become a Charger

The word "Charger" refers to one working to charge the Bird Scooters.  The process of becoming a Bird Charger is easy.  Go to: and fill in the required information.  The process took me roughly a week in which I received a text message that I was approved.  

The Cost of Bird Charging

Nothing is free. As with any business, there is a start-up cost.  For Bird Chargers, you must purchase the chargers.  After being approved for charging, you will receive a text message to buy three chargers.  The full retail price of the 3-pack is listed for $60 but you will receive a 50% off discount code.  


After taxes and shipping, my total cost for the 3-pack was $37.81.  Other additional expenses to consider are electricity to charge and fuel for transporting the scooters.  Otherwise, it'll cost you $60 from Bird. I recommend purchasing extra chargers from Amazon.

You can purchase additional chargers which will allow you to charge more than three at a time.  Since I always experiment with income opportunities such as this before I blog about it, I stuck with only three chargers and made my money back the first day.  

Making $500 per Week in Under 2 Hours a Day

When starting initially, typically the first day, you are slow in learning the process.  I found that by day 2, I was very efficient and raked in $82.50 quickly.  See below.  

How to Make $500 per Week

The secret is an early start.  By hitting the road at 4 am, you are beating your competition because most Chargers are still sleeping.  If you can be on the road early in the morning by 4 am, it will benefit you by allowing you to select the best of the best.  From the closest Nests to the best payouts, you get first dibs on everything.   If you wait a few hours, more Chargers are on the road hunting.  As the day progresses, it gets trickier.  

Having experimented with this, my work hours were from 4 am - 545am.  Perform this five to six times a week and you'll easily score an additional $500 per week.  That's it!  By beating the competition, you are saving hours in time hunting and searching while picking up the scooters with the highest payout prices. 


It's that simple. 


Give it a shot and let me know your comments if you found a great strategy that is working well for your city.  

Also, enjoy a free ride on Bird for a limited time.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Bird Electric Scooter

Every Bird Scooter you pick up to charge will have different levels of battery life.  The electric scooters with a higher battery life will not take as long.  For example, I have picked up several containing a life of 80% or higher.  This is the sweet spot because you can quickly release these as it takes about 1 -2 hours to charge. 


But my experience has shown it takes roughly 6 hours per scooter for a fully charged scooter when charging scooter with a battery life of 10% or less.


For scooters with 0% charge, plan to add an additional 30 minutes to one hour.   

Who Makes Bird Scooters?


Bird is a micro-mobility company based in Santa Monica, California which purchases its electric scooters from Ninebot, a Singapore company, which is the same company that manufactures the Segway.  


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