How To Make Money Online

If you're wondering how people are successful working from their homestead or if it is even a remote possibility, then you can take a deep breathe and give yourself a sigh of relief.  Here are the truths that I have learned from my own experience.  Just remember that everyone's circumstance, talent level, and level of commitment are different and this drastically impacts the timeline to achieve earning an income online.

It took me several months to generate money online.  It was almost to the point that I considered giving up but then I remembered the reason why I am doing this.  The reason I started Dollar Otter wasn't to earn income.   The reason was simple.  I saw and still see a growing plague of debt that has been accepted in our culture.  With the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, I wanted to take my experience, education, and morals to main street and help reeducate the public. 


I mention this only because it reshaped my writing to where it no longer felt like I was in it just for money.  The writing came off sincere, which it always has been, but for those who don't know me, it may have felt like going to a church for the first time and the message is on giving your money to the church.  Sometimes things don't sit well with people and you have to earn their trust.  So just remember that if you are establishing a social media account, a new blog, or venturing into a new business.  

I invite you to take my self-paced online course that focuses on several PROVEN & EFFECTIVE strategies that will walk you through step-by-step in how people are making an income working from home, on the road, and even on vacation so that you can emulate their process and make the same kind of income and wealth.  Make Money Online Course  (Note: I do not recommend the Affiliate Marketing Course until you have some experience building your blog).

I do earn income from a variety of ways online, some passive, some active.

This site may contain affiliate links which means I may potentially earn a commission. 

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create an online course

The first way to earn money that so many people overlook is building an online course.  This may sound difficult and impossible but I can assure you it is not.  Everyone has something they are good at whether it is teaching finances, how to child sit or potty train, playing cards, cleaning your house.  Yes, anything can be taught and best of all--there is a market for it.  

I recommend Udemy for beginners to intermediate because the format is simple, you won't get frustrated with the process, and they easy to work alongside with immediate support.

taking photos

Another great resource to earn income online is with your smartphone.  Yep! Taking pictures of ordinary things around your homestead or outside is a great way to earn extra cash.  I do this regularly because the simpler the photo, the better it seems to do.  You do not have to be some great photographer or know photoshop because customers are looking for unedited, raw photos for their own use on their websites or articles.  I even made money taking a photo of a trashcan.  

I highly recommend Shutterstock because of the traffic volume that the website receives and the image supply.  Use this link to get you started (Shutterstock). 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to generate income.  It is tremendous value to you and your viewers when you can link products and services that are helpful and useful.  This is generally how many bloggers and YouTubers make money online but to be an honest broker, you won't make much in this category if you do not have a decent following.  

That should make sense because the more viewers you are referring to marketers, the more you make.  If you have a very low following, then it stands to reason not to expect to earn much.

One of my favorites is using Amazon.  Everyone shops on here because of the fast shipping, competitive pricing and you can find anything on this site.  Here is the link for Amazon Associates to get you started. 

This is just one affiliate marketing platform you can use.  Most companies and firm have an affiliate program and if you know how to research it, you can get in on the action. 

Writing Books

It should be no surprise that Amazon does everything.  Having started off as an online book selling company, this company provides you with the tools and resources to write ebooks, manuscripts, tutorials, and much more.  And the best's FREE to you.  



If you have an idea or have something typed up on your computer, you can upload your document into Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and they will size up the document to fit an ebook format.  You then design the cover with their easy-to-use online tool and set your pricing target.  Yes, you choose your price point and Amazon charges you nothing to do it.  



They do receive a percentage of the sale which is how they make their money.  Depending on the book and if you choose to advertise the book in their stores, the commission may vary.  I currently have 8 ebooks with Amazon KDP and it consistently generates a monthly income for me.



It does take some time to create an ebook so ensure you proof read the material and make it appealing enough for shoppers to want to buy. 


Another terrific option is to seek writing opportunities or other trades/skills you present on Fiverr.  Many businesses and online entrepreneurs turn to Fiverr for specialty work to be performed.  In fact, I have even worked and hired from Fiverr because of the vast amount of talent on their website. 

ultimate bundles

One of the best decisions I have made when it comes to blogging and getting my business going is teaming up with Ultimate Bundles.  This company provides the support and best practices necessary to help ensure bloggers earn income.  


Each calendar event has a new product or service to help the market.  Some of the products or services may or may not be relevant to your blog and the best part is you only promote the services relevant to you.  They provide the online training, links, tools, and support to get you started.  


Typical commissions can range from 10-40% depending on the service or product.  Recently I took their Genius Blogger's Toolkit and have learned so much.  This company is great because, with their online Facebook page, you can have others review your website, your affiliates, and receive instant feedback on what is working well for you and what needs to be improved. 


I highly recommend this team but use this link on this page so you are properly invited and sponsored: Ultimate Bundles

Self-Paced Online Course

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With thousands of traffic to my website, I have engaged with numerous people interested in learning what I do.  Because of my mission to have everyone who desires to become debt free and achieve financial freedom, I have embarked on a journey to help deliver that dream.  As long as you are willing to put forth the effort and time, you can do this and achieve your own dreams.  I have saved you hundreds of hours by consolidating the research and proven tactics I have learned to shorten the time frame it takes to be successful.


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