When searching for opportunities to make money online, I knew the opportunities were possible and are still evident and readily available today. 

Take a look at this chart conducted by Forrester Consulting that forecasts U.S. spending for affiliate marketing is anticipated to increase year-over-year.  By 2020, it may possibly see almost $7B.  Why wouldn't you want to capitalize on that?

Making money in the online community is typically derived from a basic source. Typically this source is sales. It is why billions are spent by companies to advertise and market towards the population. For us as online bloggers or entrepreneurs, it is referring or selling products online as well.

Affiliate Marketing is working for a firm (company, network, resource) and promoting a product to earn a percentage of the sale. This percentage is typically referred to as "commission".

Where most online entrepreneurs succeed while others fail is either knowing or lack of knowledge in how to promote and learning key strategies to maximize sale opportunities.

Affiliate Marketing (AM) is a resource to make income and many entrepreneurs and businesses alike have done so. However, it is not all inclusive. What I mean by this, is that AM can be monetized and you can make a profit doing it.

AM is a tough business and is many times not simple as what many people are led to believe. Can it be passive? Yes, technically. It does require some initial effort to get it going just as with any passive income models require. Just like an ebook. You have to write the book and then find a model to sell it so in return you can receive royalties from it.

The same applies to AM. You have to create the content, market it appropriately utilizing SEO and keywords, placing it strategically in key areas, etc. Once established it will be determined by the consumer if you profit from it. If it goes bad, then you won't make a sell. If you do a great job, then you can receive commissions on a regular basis until the affiliate network stops it.

In 2008, Amazon reported it had over 2 million affiliates registered. Fast forward 10 years and that number has exponentially increased. The exact number is unknown but the Amazon Affiliate program has updated some major features on its site to accommodate.

If you are putting forth the effort and time and have a solid business plan in place, it is very likely you will succeed with making money online from Amazon. Take a look at Jessica and how she has been able to replace her income to include her spouse's income selling and referring products as an Amazon Affiliate, The Selling Family.

It is services like these that you can promote and earn a commission. The Selling Family has an affiliate program where you can apply and promote their services (online courses, etc) and you will earn 40% commission on the pricing.

One of her bundles sells at $97 (40% commission rate) = $38.80. You sell 10 of these of month promoting through Pinterest or Social Media and easily you earn $388/month. Now imagine expanding your reach by creating more than one pin on Pinterest...

For instance, I promote services for $5 Meal Plan. Below is a pin I promote

For each subscription a consumer purchases, I receive a commission for it. Imagine another $200 added to the $388 per month. Now we are at $588 for 2 pins.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, rumors quickly spread that one cannot make any money until page views reach a certain numerical limit. Having started off blogging and hearing this for the first time, I have to be honest, I was deeply discouraged. How is a newbie like me suppose to ever reach 1 million page views? This is what I was told.


Fortunately, this isn't the case. There are numerous affiliates out there and networks that will let you start sourcing. Now it is true that many networks do require a particular number of page views before being considered.


So the good news is no matter how new you are to blogging, you can start linking, posting, content creating, etc today and you do not need one million page views to accomplish this.


TIP 1: You cannot please everyone so you must motivate the followers who enjoy your material and capitalize on them. These are the ones who are most likely to capitalize on.


I was fortunate enough to learn early on that it is easier to capitalize on 5 followers selling them a product at $1,000 than capitalizing on 5,000 followers at $1. Both come out to total $5,000 but you can quickly see how a quality product focused on the right people saves time, money, and effort.


This isn't to downplay page views or to say that it is not needed. You need visitors to your store but the primary focus is to motivate you in understanding that page views aren't everything or a Need All Be All solution.


According to CMS Wire, Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers that engage in blogging get 67% more leads than B2B marketers who don't blog. (


Wealthy Gorilla publishes the Top 40 Blogs for Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2018. I write this because you need mentors to follow during your process. These mentors have been where you have been and you can rely on their expertise for any questions or to avoid common mistakes often made.

To begin, you need a plan of action and the first step should focus on the variety of niches and see if your niche is one of the money making niches below. 


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