Kitchen Counter Discussion (KCD)

Discussing finances with your family can be challenging and stressful.  Kitchen Counter Discussion or KCD has been created as a free resource to help guide your family through the obstacles of discussing money, as well as, how to handle stressful situations that may arise.  By talking about finances at your home's kitchen counter, you can have constructive conversations to strengthen your marriage and your finances.

The first step is to make an agreement between you and your spouse to have a deep conversation in a distraction-free zone.  Therefore, prior to talking to your children about money, ensure you are on the same page as your spouse. 



The next step is to control your feelings, such as anxiety, frustration, or make accusations.  Such actions may cause the other spouse to shut down internally.  


By knowing how to control your actions, you can now openly discuss any money problems that may be evident.  Ensure you review each bill together and address any issues or concerns honestly. 


This is imperative as you both need to remain calm as money tends to be a sensitive topic to discuss but most importantly, you both MUST LISTEN.


Third, take responsibility for your actions.  If you are not saving enough money, then admit it.  If you are overspending, then recognize and address it.  Having an open conversation can be fruitful.  If you discover that tensions are rising and can not be controlled, I highly recommend you both seek a financial planner together.


Fourth, together with your spouse, make a plan to get out of debt or establish financial goals.  Plan your short-term goals and long-term goals.  Short-term goals may include, taking a family vacation or plan to pay off one of your debts.  A long-term goal may consist of discussing how much to set aside each month to prepare your child's college education.


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