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Fix Your Finances

6-Part Series

Part One - Introduction

In this six-part series, you will discover the process of achieving Financial Freedom.  You will explore the process, strategies, and why this new profound freedom truly sets you free.  Be sure to take notes, follow through, and join our community to act as your accountability partner. 

Part Two
Building an Emergency Fund

Life events happen.  Without a proper strategy and funds to fall back on, you will find yourself dipping into savings or even worse...using your credit cards.

Part Three
Term Life Insurance

This video will explain to you the importance of having term life insurance and why it is a pillar to achieving financial freedom.

Part Four
Achieving Debt Freedom

Viewers will discover the difference between how debt stacking works and why debt snowball is a different but effective strategy.

Part Five
Savings 3-6 Months

Discover why saving up to three to six months of living expenses is the second to last step in achieving financial freedom and why you shouldn't strive to save first.

Part Six
Saving for Retirement

In the final pillar of Financial Freedom, you will discover several ways to building a retirement for your future.


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