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Grove Collaborative: 2020 Review

Nick Carroll

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Grove Collaborative 2020 Review-Pinteres

What is Grove Collaborative

Grove Collaborative is a consumer goods shipping service focused on delivering products that are non-toxic, sustainable, cruelty-free, safe, and environmentally-friendly.  From cleaning supplies to recyclable household products, Grove offers a monthly subscription service that is personalized for each customer. 


What Values Does Grove Uphold

Holding very high standards, Grove offers products that live up to its values.  These values include:

  • Non-toxic

  • Transparent ingredients

  • Safe for the environment

  • Plant-based formulas

  • Zero animal testing

  • Ethical supply chains

  • Sustainable materials

Grove is also classified as a Certified B Corporation.  Certified B Corporations are "businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy." according to BCorporation.net.

Source: Grove.co

Types of Brands Offered by Grove

You've likely seen many of these products before.  From well-known brands such as Method, Meyers, Seventh Generation, and Burt's Bees, Grove has established strong partnerships that must live up to its standard.

Grove finds partners that use plant-based ingredients while promoting transparency, so there are no hidden chemicals or toxins.  

If that wasn't enough, Grove Collaborative researches and investigates each partner's logistical chain to ensure in good faith each is upholding its standards.


What Type of Products Does Grove Ship


Grove offers a variety of products for its shipping service.  Its four main categories include household, personal care, baby and kids, and pet products.  

Within its household products, customers will find bargains and deals with name-brand products mentioned above to include Grove's personal line.  From antibacterial cleaners to hand soaps, Grove offers a full range of options.

You can shop for its personal care line to find shampoos, toothbrushes, deodorant, and more.  With many of its products highly rated by its customers, you can discover what customers liked and didn't like before you to add items to your cart.

Shopping for ethically sounds children products is challenging.  Having two younger children myself, I am hesitant buying items I am not familiar with, such as mouthwash, cough syrup, and soap.  Grove offers a full line of baby and child care products from diapers to vitamins.

If you don't have children, but love your pets, rest assured that Grove has you covered.  Offering affordable pet beds to treats, you'll find the same values of ethical standards in these products as well.

Source: Grove.co

Grove Offers Recurring Services

While you can make one-time purchases, signing up for Grove's recurring service will allow you to receive better deals and prices.  They recognize that monthly subscriptions aren't for everyone.  

While some families require every other month, Grove gives its customers the option to pause subscriptions with zero hassle.  Unlike other websites that hide their pause auto-shipment selections or cancellation, Grove is as transparent as to their ingredients.  

Grove makes it very easy to update your shopping cart, pause shipments, and cancel orders with no hassle.

How Much Does Grove Charge for a Membership

Sometimes memberships are not right for every customer.  Knowing this, Grove offers a 60-day trial with your first order shipping for free.

Throughout the free trial, you can decide if Grove is right for you.  Should you choose to keep the service, you can join the VIP program for only $19.99 per year.  Plus, still able to cancel your membership at any time!

If you cancel your VIP program, Grove still wants you as a customer; there, you can always shop and buy items from Grove.  The only difference is the VIP program comes with freebies, bargains, and lower prices on items.

Download Grove's App

With an outstanding app review of 4.9 out of 5 stars and 3,800 ratings, Grove is doing something special.  

While I've used apps that are not very easy to make online orders, Grove has it to a science.  Upon opening the app, you will be recommended to review a Collection.  In some cases, it may be a collection of candles and scents, or room fresheners and fabric sprays.


Source: App Store Preview

Also, you'll find products from previous customers that Grove has personally selected for you.  You can easily see the price and add it to your monthly subscription or cart.

Next to the home screen, is the explore option.  You can browse products such as "New from Grove" or "New for Home" to generate new ideas or household products you might be forgetting you need.

While browsing, you can select products as your favorites.  This feature will allow you to return to the products for faster ordering quickly.  

Finally, there is your cart.  In your cart, you will see if you qualify for a free gift.  This changes periodically, but what I love the most about this feature is Grove allows you to pick one out of three options for your free item.  After selecting your free gift, browse your cart where you can easily change the quantity, scent, type, or delete the item from your cart.  

In my case, most orders are shipped within two business days and arrive at my door by another 2 to 3 business days with a special thank you note on the box.  Talk about customized service!

Should you sign up for Grove's service, use this link below because Grove will send you a Free Gift Basket (typically a $35 value), and I'll receive a reward as well.

This link will redirect you to Grove.co to claim your free Grove basket.

Free Grove Basket.PNG

How Does Grove's Prices Compare to Competitors

Typically, when you order from box services or subscription-based products, you'll find yourself paying a premium.   This isn't the case with Grove.  Conducting a quick price check among two other competitors, you will see below that Grove is right in line with Target's pricing, and only $0.20 higher than Amazon. 

However, if you aren't a Grove VIP member, you can expect to pay a $4.99 shipping fee.  VIP members receive Free Unlimited Shipping.  Comparing the VIP program fee of $19.99 per year to Amazon's Prime membership of $12.99 per month or $119 per year, you'll still see significant savings.

Grove's VIP program grants you access to its specialized line that you won't find at other stores.  From shower caddies to high quality glass dish soap dispensers, each is customized to make each room in your home stylish and unique.

Try a 60-day Free trial today with no commitment and use the link below to claim your free gift!

This link will redirect you to Grove.co to claim your free Grove basket.

Free Grove Basket.PNG


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