Why Your Email List Can Earn You Over $300K in Income


Disclaimer: I do receive a commission for any services purchased with ConvertKit if using my links. 

When I started blogging, I quickly learned that the “Money is in the List”.  At first, I didn’t understand this but as time went on, I quickly discovered this phrase is true on so many levels. 

As I am always learning, expanding my reach and my influence (mentors are very important), I discovered more income being paid into my PayPal account. 


I thought “How could this be?  I haven’t sold anything this week.”  The deposits were commission earnings from a tremendous company that I have been using for several months and using them out of convenience because they make my life easier.

I found this company after trying several competitors and finding it difficult to navigate on their platforms.  With agitation, I switched services and was recommended to try this company…the email marketing king, ConvertKit. 

When I initially signed up to use the firm, I enrolled in their ConvertKit Affiliate Program.  It pays 30% monthly recurring commission.  The part I like most about it….when the account grows, so does your commission. 


Yes, I am a subscriber of ConvertKit and also an affiliate because the company has made my life much easier.  Its user friendly format allows me to build, create, and navigate with ease and simplicity. 


Email Marketing has to be your Priority when building an online business.   It is your direct communication to your audience without having to rely on social media or other avenues.  Also, should these formats fail or fade away like MySpace, at least you’ll have your email list to rely on. 

New bloggers and entrepreneurs need a marketing tool such as this company and it is a perfect time to get registered and start earning. 

Screenshots below of the simplicity to use their service.


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