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logging has afforded many entrepreneurs the financial freedom to pursue what they love and enjoy.  The road to reaching this freedom isn't easy.  Many bloggers have wasted so much time, resources, and money figuring out what works and what doesn't work. 


If you are feeling like the process isn't working for you or if blogging isn't what you thought it was, have no fear.  I've been there too.  While reading how similar blogs to mine reached success within six to twelve months, my blog website didn't receive traction until after eighteen months of hard work and very long hours.

So what is blogging? The word derives from the word "weblog" in which was initially used when the internet was in its infancy stage.  Weblogs were used as online journals, information tracking, and events to keep data organized.

As the internet and tech have evolved and became more user-friendly, people were craving essential information.  The online viewers were receiving value-added information from regular people posting about commonly shared hobbies, ventures, and skills.  For instance, you would prefer to read about a personal account of someone hiking at Yosemite National Park learning about his or her attempt of a day hike, maybe the hidden camera he or she forgot to bring, or that crucial item he or she wished was brought to make the trip more enjoyable. 


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As humans, we enjoy and appreciate the personal accounts from other people.  It feels more genuine, more personal, and we can relate more natural to their stories.

Today, there are several million bloggers in the online community.  Most still trying to find their voice.  Many quit in this rewarding adventure before their idea takes off while others reach success very early on.  I often hear, "How soon before I can make money from blogging?"  If that is your attitude, then blogging isn't for you. 


The truth is most bloggers aren't making money.  And for a variety of reasons.  It is an avenue to make money, but if your goal is to make making solely, then you are missing the entire point about being genuine and personable.  Your blog writing will come across as you are only writing to make money, and that usually turns people away.


Blogging is like training as an athlete.  Some have the skills to move up to the pros very early on, while others have to keep training each and every day working on their craft.  

Blogging is like training as an athlete.  Some have the skills to move up to the pros very early on, while others have to keep training each and every day working on their craft.  


I have a low-cost course through Udemy I recommend before dropping hundreds of dollars on a course.  This will provide you on a path to help limit any wasteful time and resource.  While every blogger is different, the course is a great way to learn about the successes and failures I learned on my journey. 


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