Rental Car Insurance or Your Private Auto Insurance?

November 4, 2019


Does your private auto insurance cover rental cars?  With the sales pressure of up-selling you in the event of collision damage, liability insurance, and vandalism, having a peace of mind is always welcomed.  But the additional protection charge can almost double your daily rates.  Is it worth it?


When you buy rental car insurance, what is really covered?  Learn the ins-and-outs of Rental Car Insurance and if you need to purchase it.  Also, in this article, discover what coverage your private insurance and credit cards have to offer.


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 7 Things to Check Before Purchasing Car Rental Insurance


Purchasing car rental insurance and protecting your rental car can be confusing and overwhelming. And in the midst of all the confusion, we tend to forget or overlook the boring details of car rental insurance. Here’s a checklist of 7 things for you to check when booking for your next roadtrip!


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Definitive Guide to Renting a Car: Tips and Tricks to Help You Save



You’re always at risk of getting ripped off when you rent a car abroad. This guide will make sure you don’t get taken for a ride.

Are you unsure about rental car excess insurance? Want to know when’s the best time to book a rental car? Or are you worried about the potential pitfalls and hidden costs you may encounter whilst abroad?


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