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November 17, 2019

Your Guide to Affordable TV Streaming Service


How do you watch TV?  It seems obvious, but with so many streaming services at your fingertips, it is very confusing to thumb through all the TV apps to see what new show catches your eye.


Are you a cord-cutter?  More households are cutting their cable to find more affordable alternatives.  With cable companies seeing a decline in new and current customers, many new streaming services have launched to take advantage of the entertainment business while offering cheaper options.

With so many choices, having too many streaming services almost defeats the purpose of cutting your cable service.  Below, we explore the most popular video streaming services to help you get the most bang for your buck while ensuring you have the latest content on-demand.

Last week, we witnessed another streaming app come to the frontlines.  With the plethora of choices to watch videos from YouTube to Amazon Prime, Disney observed its new Disney Plus app downloads to reach 3.2 million on its launch day.  

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18 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Household Expenses


Money Management 101 is more than seeking additional income to pay your expenses but instead fixes the leaks that exist within your budget.  Households must understand that budgeting requires more than just boosting one's revenue.  It requires taking a deep-dive look into your costs and determine where to start slashing and cutting.  


#1 Utilities
Take a deep dive into where your money is being spent by starting off researching your monthly utility expenses.  According to, the most significant expenditures of energy in a single family home are heating (29%) and electronics (21%).  



#2 Energy Bills
To assist in lowering these bills alone will require some elbow grease and labor.  Start by determining if there are any drafty rooms in your home and which places have uneven temperatures.  After determining the source, check the insulation levels in the attic to determine if it's adequate, needs to be replaced, or requires additional layers.  

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How Term Life Insurance Can Save Your Family


About 7 years ago, my son was born in an Albuquerque hospital, a city that never crossed my mind but landed me a terrific job working for an investment firm. The excitement and nervousness of my son’s arrival that day delivered a new burden on my shoulders.


At this moment, it became very clear that my responsibilities exceeded just my wife’s and mine. “How do I take care of this little guy?” It’s a natural question to ask but I wasn’t referring to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Food? Shelter? Clothing?These needs were easily cared for, but I was thinking more along the lines of other responsibilities such as college, medical care, and life insurance.


The first two are easy to plan for, but no one likes to discuss the loss of life and what to do in the event of such drastic situations.


Discussing life insurance with clients always brings up negative emotions and sadly, many dismiss its purpose and need. Life insurance can be very confusing when we listen to the different messages from so-called “experts” claiming which product you must purchase.  

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7 Best Apps to Lower Your Monthly Bills & Expenses


It's happened again. Your promotion rate for your cable service or cell phone expired, and now you see your monthly bill jump up. Promotion periods entice consumers, people like you and me, to jump on board and take advantage of desirable rates. Wow! I can get this cell phone for 36 easy payments of $25 per month!


Sometimes we all need some assistance because it saves us time. Using a money app service like one mentioned below can save you time and save you money. 


In this article, we will cover 7 Apps to Lower Your Monthly Expenses and to help you keep track of your monthly subscriptions.


What happens when you combine Artificial Intelligence with Finances? You get something like Clarity Money. With over three million users, this powerful money app for your Android or iPhone can track nearly everything money related to your finances.


A favorite feature of mine is its ability to track my spending. This app can assist in organizing your expenses and giving you a snapshot of your transactions, leading to smarter decisions.

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6 Websites to Save Money on Holiday Shopping


The holiday season is a particular time when families come together, reunite to rekindle past memories, but is also a time that can stretch your family's budget.  


Let's face it, people tend to overspend. According to, the average amount spent by households total $586. If you were given an extra $600 every month, how far would this amount take you towards paying off bills? If you are already living paycheck-to-paycheck, then $586 is quite a bit of money.


Sadly, if this amount is paid for by a credit card, you will likely be paying significantly more due to interest.    


To help alleviate the forecasted debt burden, this article will help you explore six websites designed to help you save money without breaking your bank account, as well as help you carefully plan and budget for Christmas gifts.

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