Part Time Holiday Jobs for 2018

November 15, 2018




















This time of the year, many stores and businesses are hiring temporary personnel to help them through the busy season of the year.  People are also looking for jobs to help make extra income to buy gifts for their family.


If you are considering working part-time or know of someone looking to work part-time, I have a few recommendations below that not only provides opportunities to earn extra money but affords the flexibility to one’s schedule without being tied working odd hours.


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Summary Highlights of the blog:

1. Seasonal Driving

2. Christmas Tree Workers

3. Holiday Photography

4. Get Paid Daily

5. Professional Delivery

6. Resort Jobs

7. Rent Your Space


1. Seasonal Driving



How does making $2,800 a month sound?  What if I told you can make this working part-time?  Lyft offers a Driver’s Guarantee that if you give 55 rides per week, you will make $700.  Multiply this figure by 4 and you can earn $2,800 by Christmas. Even if the 55 rides do you total up to $700, Lyft will make up the difference making good on their guarantee!


Lyft has three requirements to be approved.  You must be 21 years of age or older, have a smartphone (this is for the Lyft app), and have a reliable automobile with insurance.  If you do not have an automobile, you can rent a car through Lyft called the Express Drive.



2. Christmas Tree Workers


With the holiday season, tree farms are looking for a lot of help.  Stores such as Lowes and Home Depot need assistance helping customers who flock in large numbers buying trees.  Your role will be selling and preparing trees for travel as most customers will be picking up via truck or SUV.


This job will require you being able to lift heavy trees plus you may have to work later shifts into the evenings.  



3. Holiday Photography


If you have a DSLR camera such as a Nikon or Canon, then charge those batteries and clean up your memory card because families and co-workers are always looking to someone to take photographs at an affordable price.



Some things you’ll need to help prepare you is to get a portfolio together of some photos you have taken.  Next, have a price in mind to charge based on a number of family members or coworkers, location, and length of time.


Once you’re hired for a gig, go to the scene prior to ensure the lighting is set up and you can test out your equipment.

This will require some marketing on your end.  Inform local business via email, flyers, and word of mouth.  By dropping off business cards and flyers, this is something tangible that will jog people’s memory for a later date.




4. Get Paid Daily


The Bird Scooter is flooding cities with the future transportation by providing an on-demand personal electric scooter.  These scooters need to be recharged. If you have a van or pick up truck, Bird wants you to become a Bird Charger.


Your responsibility is to pick up the scooters, take them to your residence, charge the battery, and then release them or place them in a busy area.  Bird will pay you daily for recharging or the day after you charge the scooters. The typical pay from my research averages from $3-$20 per scooter.



5.  Professional Delivery


No businesses work faster and longer than UPS, FedEx, and Amazon Contract drivers.  During the high demand season, these companies need every bit of help they can hire.  In fact, some of these will even pick you up at your residence. Your primary role will include securing packages and helping the driver sort and deliver.



6.  Resort Jobs



If you like to be around people vacationing and having a good time, plus love the smell of cedar cabins and firewood, then consider working at a resort.  This is definitely a people person type of job unless you are working behind the scenes prepping the ski slopes. 


One of the best things about working at resorts is the connections you make.  It is at these locations where I have made the best network connections leading to more advanced and higher paying jobs.  So before you quickly rule this out, take that into consideration. 


The website, CoolWorks, consolidates a list of resort employment opportunities to help fill the void of employees taking time off for the holidays.  These types of places are in dire need of assistance to help make customers experience a fun and pleasant one!



7.  Rent Your Space



If you plan to be away for the holidays or for a few days, why not rent out your home or a room?  For Arlington, Virginia, a home that can house 4 guests, has the potential to earn approximately $1,098.  With Airbnb, you control the schedule, availability, prices, house rules, and the company will ensure your home and belongings with $1Million in protection for property damage and accidents. 


Following the site's three easy steps, you can start hosting immediately.  Now Airbnb generally will host for a flat 3% fee, subject to change, so be sure you understand the fee structure.  Once the guest checks in, they will send your money via Paypal, direct deposit, or a few other methods. 


After the holiday season ends, you may be looking for additional employment or perhaps know of someone else looking for employment.  I highly recommend that you take a look at "5 Best Part-Time Jobs".  This will help you or someone you know with the job search.  As the employment rate gets higher, jobs and careers become more competitive and it is at this stage where being well connected and obtain experience that can help boost your skills. 





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