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June 25, 2018


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Today is Money Monday and today's topic will be a follow-on to Thursday's post, 15 Ways to Make More Money.  Because everyone wants to earn or make more money, today we will look at several elements within your everyday expenses that can be potentially reduced to earn you more income or strategies to earn extra money. 


The first element in this blog to highlight is to look at your expenses and see which items have the potential to be reduced.  One often mistaken expense that several people tend to not think about is their insurance. 


Rates fluctuate and getting an updated quote on your insurance might be ideal because an analysis study was released in March 2018 reflecting most consumers are overpaying for car insurance. 


The study can be found here (  To my surprise, even my auto insurance company is listed in the top 10 as potentially overcharging.  


One company not listed as overcharging is Esurance. They offer direct-to-consumer personal car insurance in 35 states and you can get an online quote for free. Its quick and easy. 


My friend Amanda, blogger of Frugal Confessions, writes about her experience in getting cash for appliances in "Getting Rid of Old Appliances for Money". 


This next element is one you may have heard or read about already.  In Kiplinger's Personal Finance July 2018 edition, it was mentioned that over 25 million workers left an estimated amount of $156 billions in owed pension benefits.  This is often due to departing workers forgetting or losing track of these retirement benefits.  


Fortunately during the Senate legislation back in March, a bill was introduced to connect a worker to his or her benefits by establishing an online registry. 


Even if you think it is just a few dollars, the bill requires reporting of any amount less than $5,000 rolled into an IRA be reported as well.


For assistance in tracking to see if you have assets, be sure you provide your old employer your updated address through their HR department.  Also, maintain and keep your tax returns and any investment statements you may have.  Finally, you can track down lost assets through the Employee Benefits Security Administration at or call 866-444-3272.


Similar to the above is another legislation change prior to the March bill signed in February which extended multiple tax breaks that had originally expired in 2016. 


In this case, if you are usually an early filer, chances are you may have some cash sitting on the table with the IRS that you can still claim.  You will need to amend tax return to claim these and to get a refund.  

While most of these tax breaks apply to businesses, there are a few that apply to individuals such as deductions for mortgage insurance premiums, home improvements made for energy efficiency, and college tuition and fees paid if on wasn't eligible for the American Opportunity or Lifetime Learning Credit.  It  might be worth the look. 



Some other unique ideas can be found in Virginia's Just Life & Coffee blog.  In her latest article, "4 Work From Home Side Jobs That Can Make An Extra $1000+ per Month" she lists some amazing ways to make a profit that I believe most people would enjoy. 


Also be sure to read Mel Trudgett's "10 Ways to Make Money Online for Free" where he lists out several side hustles that can assist you in getting out of pinch when desperate times call. 


Finally, pay attention to where you shop and the prices you pay.  Groceries can consume a large portion of our budget and every detail matters.  If you are not planning your trips and consolidating a grocery list, then start doing this. 


I like to eat healthy and one resource that is my ultimate favorite is PlateJoy.  I select the meals I want, then the app provides me a printable grocery list based on what items I already have in my pantry. 




I recommend you shop around and compare prices as well when you are shopping for grocercies.  One way to do this is to compare the pricing to Wal-Mart and Amazon's prices.  Because they focus on low prices, you can be sure you're not overpaying.


Many bloggers have turned to affiliate marketing with firms such as MediaVine and AdThrive to help capitalize on their talents.  Emily of describes how she earned over $4,500 a month using affiliate marketing.  


In July 2018, I launched my Affiliate Marketing Blueprint eCourse teaching fellow bloggers and new online entrepreneurs the path to earning commissions and passive income from A to Z.  Many bloggers turn to AdSense but Google makes up only 2% of the successful bloggers revenue.  In this course I will educate you with the resources and tools necessary to start earning over $10,000 a month.



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