Using Ibotta For Free Cash Back and Get A FREE $10 Bonus

July 16, 2018



















I like saving and making money which is why I am publishing this Ibotta review for my incredible audience. 


One of my strategies to squeezing every dime back into my pocket is using Ibotta (hence this review).  I find joy after shopping to then to review the app only to find rebates of items I just purchased and within minutes I can have money deposited into my account--just for shopping and buying items that I would have bought anyway.  


Ibotta gives you FREE money for shopping. 


Today in this blog, I want to highlight several areas of Ibotta to show you how you can save and earn money by using Ibotta (and believe when I write, it is not a scam).  


With all the different websites and apps claiming to make you money, Ibotta, is by far my favorite and secretly the best. 


Click here to sign up for Ibotta and get your $10 Bonus. 

What is Ibotta?


You are already asking this question by now "What is Ibotta?".  Below is a screenshot of who Ibotta is.

 To search for deals in your area, you will browse by category or store to find the latest deals.  Here in the image below is an example of how much you can receive back if you are purchasing items. 


The process to earning money back from Ibotta is simple.  You browse the app depending on which store you are shopping, then review the deals available.  

With store favorites like Target, Whole Foods, Walmart, Safeway, Dollar General, Costco, Walgreens, CVS Pharmacy, and many more, you can be certain there is a cash back for something you already purchased. 


Oh year, and Ibotta is FREE!  No monthly memberships or fees to join.  That's the best part!  It is absolutely free for you to use Ibotta.


You can still use coupons and discounts while using this app on your smartphone. 


What's great about Ibotta is that you can use store coupons, merchandise coupons, or promotional codes and still receive cash back from these purchases. 


With over 22 million downloads and $200 million in cashback this app really works.  The process is simple too.  You look for offers, shop, then redeem in the app by taking a picture or scanning your receipt from your smartphone.  

So How Does Ibotta Make Money?

Ibotta is considered an affiliate.  When customers use the app to redeem purchases, they are connected to a store through Ibotta's platform.  By connecting customers to stores, they receive revenue from the stores.  They make money as well by asking some customers, depending on products, watch a short advertisement. 


Sign up for Ibotta where you can earn $10 Cash Back for signing up and then earn cashback for items you are already purchasing at stores.  The service is free.  Plus, if you use the links in this post, you can have the opportunity to earn additional cash when you refer your friends.  Each month is a different promotion and cash bonuses may vary. 




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