7 Best Christmas Gifts for Men in 2018

November 26, 2018
















Hello Ladies! When it comes to shopping for men, it can be easy and challenging at the same time.  No longer are coffee mugs claiming “World’s Best Dad” or office golf machines a commonly requested present idea from guys.  


I like to think we have matured some (not a lot!) but a little and want presents that are practical and something we can use.  As a male, I don’t want gifts to sit on a shelf or label me as a hoarder as I fail to get rid of items.  Instead, I have come up with 10 Best Gifts that your husband or boyfriend will want this year.


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1. Electronics


Men love technology and electronics are always a great gift, especially if it relates to music.  One of the struggles that men face is having a set of headphones for the gym and everyday casual outings.  When a guy is at the gym, wireless earbuds are best, but when traveling, a pair of noise-canceling headphones that can block out the sound of jet engines is ideal.  That's why I love Bluedio Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones which are sure to win his heart.


At first, you cannot be like me to look at the price point and dismiss it.  As I researched these headphones more, I couldn't ignore the positive reviews and sleek design.  If you are like many who own Bose Noise Cancelling headphones, which I do, I always need a second pair just in case.


With its unique and sleek design coupled with the soft cushioning headband, you can give him the gift he will surely love.  Alternatively, you can buy a set for yourself, so you will never have to listen to his loud music again.


 The Bluedio T4 Bluetooth Headphones comes equipped with a microphone, microfiber cloth bag, USB charger and adapter, and vinyl cushioned ear cups with felt lining interior.  






2.  Tools


When it comes to boys and their toys, tools are always at the top of every man's list.  With Black+Decker’s Tool Combo Kit, you are sure to woo him.


In the hardened tool kit case, he will get a powerful 20v max drill/driver attachment with a double-ended bit, attachment with sander, jigsaw, oscillating tool, router, with driver attachments.  If I lost you, then this is male slang for “AWESOME!”


With a lithium rechargeable battery, this is sure to his favorite present this year.  Out of 414 customer reviews on Amazon, the overall ranking is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars as of the writing of this blog article.  It is also ranked #27 as this year's top 100 tools in Amazon's Tools & Home Improvement category.












3.  Watches


These old-fashioned accessories have made a comeback.  Every guy needs a great watch whether it is for an interview, date night, or everyday business activity.  A watch makes a statement that he is responsible, on-time, and elegant.  In the past and some cases today, many guys will claim "I don't need a watch because I can use my phone to tell time" but having a watch keeps you punctual. 


While watches are both simplistic and stylish, he is going to enjoy the compliments he will receive for wearing a nice watch. Watches are self-expression and make a statement.  In an article by RealMenRealStyle, Antonio covers 7 Reasons to Wear a Watch


Amazon has a great selection of men’s watches, and you don’t have to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to find one.  Browse through their online collection, and you are sure to find one that will match his taste.   











4.  Cologne


Help your guy smell good this year with some cologne. One of my favorites is Tom Ford and most guys like the simple, yet elegant, citrus oils and herbal notes. If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get free shipping on select colognes. This online retailer has hundreds of brands to choose from so browse around and see if your husband or guy’s cologne is available.


Another option is to let him choose his selection of colognes.  With a monthly subscription of $14.95 to ScentBird.com, he can receive a new scent each month of his choosing.  ScentBird makes it easy as your man can browse bestsellers, niche colognes, a fragrance of the month, and top-rated colognes.  



5. Gift Cards


If you are still struggling to come up with some ideas or if he is challenging to shop for, then it never hurts to purchase an Amazon Gift Card and let him choose what he wants. 


I recommend you don't just wrap it in an envelope but make it something fun.  Perhaps a prank!  Wrap it up in a large box with maybe a gag gift. 















According to BankRate, "84% of Americans have received a gift card and 72% have given one." With estimations over $124 billion loaded onto gift cards, it will continue to increase annually.  So are gift cards a great gift?  Time.com reports that people given gifts had a 25% approval rating compared to 37% approval for receiving gift cards.  



6. Mountain Bike


After the holiday season, gym memberships will become a hot commodity as everyone seeks to burn off the holiday food.  With a great gift that will be delivered to you, you can get him a mountain bike.  These are great for when the family goes camping, getting some fresh air, and regular exercise. 


Or perhaps if you just want him to leave the house for a few hours so you can have some peace and quiet lol!


 7. Ultra High Def 4K Television


Yep! I had to save the best for last because every guy wants a large TV where he can sit around and watch sports and movies! Amazon has very reasonable and comparable prices when shopping around this holiday season.  Toshiba offers a 50-inch 4K Ultra HD with Fire TV for less than $350 while Samsung has a higher end 55-inch model for less than $600. 


4K TVs are a hot desirable item this year and having a wrapped present under the tree in the shape of a television is sure to excite him!



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