7 Best Bargain Items for August 2019

July 15, 2019


With summer starting to wind down and back-to-school season quickly approaching, it is easy to get out of balance with your monthly budgeting.  

At DollarOtter.com, we promote smart budgeting and saving to assist families in achieving financial freedom.  We are here to help you save money!

One terrific way to save money to be on the lookout for massive savings this August.   From bargains to discounts, this month bridges the two seasons from the end of hot summer days to the falling of colorful leaves.


This article may contain affiliate links.  Affiliate links are a form of receiving a commission should you purchase anything from the links selected.  The commissions earned help to keep this website running.  Please read the Disclaimer page for more information.

Below are 7 best items to buy in August especially if you are already in the market for these.

1. Back to School Supplies
Hard to imagine it is that time again for a new school season to begin.  As my oldest starts second grade and my youngest starts Kinder, it is time to hit the stores and buy bulk of glue, pencils, papers, etc.


While most school supplies are cheaper prior to the start of school season, don't let this discourage you as great deals can still be found. 


First, Wal-Mart offers free NextDay delivery plus no fees or memberships necessary. 


Second, the retailer typically has every school supply item you need plus at a great price,  but before you start shopping online, review #2 below for extra savings that'll tie into the first item.




2. Tax-Free Days
Every summer, most states host tax-free days that coincide with their back-to-school season.  The tax savings help parents save some cash as they usually are making large purchases from clothing to laptops.

Since not every state offers this tax advantage, be sure to research your state's tax-free day.  In my home state of Texas, the tax-free weekend is August 2-4 while states like Mississippi is from July 26-27.  

3. Free Root Beer Float
August 6 is recognized as National Root Beer Float Day.  As a long-time summer favorite, now you can stop by your local A&W restaurant on this date to receive a free small Root Beer Float.  Typical times to get your free float are from 2 PM to 8 PM, but hours may vary based on location.


4. Garage Sale Day
On Saturday, August 10, expect to see numerous yard sales and community garage sales in your local area.  This date marks the 2019 National Garage Sale Day, and it is at events such as these to find hot items from tools to toys.  
Purchasing used items from your community garage sale will is a budget-friendly way to find huge savings.

5. Summer Apparel
After a weekend trip to Target for my children to spend their allowance on toys, we went shopping for summer dresses and t-shirts.  Every shirts I picked up were long-sleeve or sweaters.  
Seeing the stores transition to the fall clothing line meant huge savings on summer wear.  The shirts I did purchase were under $5, and the store rep mentioned that in a few weeks, expect to see more bargains on all their summer wear.


6. Laptops
How much did you pay for your last laptop?  I remember paying over a grand for my computer several years ago and likely paid full retail.    

Fortunately, August is a great time to find bargains for notebooks and laptops, according to Consumer Reports.  Last summer, tech companies such as Dell and Lenovo dropped their laptop prices up to 11% off on select models.  

If you or your child are in the market to replace or purchase a new one, it may pay to wait until sales hit the stores in August; however, before you make such a purchase, I recommend you review "What to Consider Before Buying a Laptop" by SmartAsset.com.  (https://smartasset.com/credit-cards/best-time-to-buy-a-laptop)

7. Grills
Now that summer is about to wind down, the demand for grills has subsided, and retailers are looking to reduce their inventory.  If you were penny-pinching this summer and in desperate need of a new grill, look for deep discounts coming very soon.





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