6 Websites to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

September 24, 2018

The holiday season is a particular time when families come together, reunite to rekindle past memories, but is also a time that can stretch and pressure your family's household budget.  


Let's face it, people tend to overspend. According to creditcards.com, the average amount spent by households total $586. If you were given an extra $600 every month, how far would this amount take you towards paying off bills? If you are already living paycheck-to-paycheck, then $586 is quite a bit of money. Sadly, if this amount is paid for by a credit card, you will likely be paying significantly more due to interest.    


To help alleviate the forecasted debt burden, this article will help you explore six websites designed to help you save money without breaking your bank account, as well as help you carefully plan and budget for Christmas gifts.

This article may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links are a form of receiving a commission should you purchase anything from the links selected. The commissions earned help to keep this website running. Please read the Disclaimer page for more information.

Before we explore where to save money, let's quickly discuss setting a plan. Just as with your month-to-month budgeting, you must have a plan in place for the amount of money that can be reasonably spent this holiday season. This amount will need to be laid out clearly in your budget this month and/or next month's budget.  


While you might assume that this exercise takes away the fun, think of your end goal. The end goal isn't to be paying interest on items you can't afford with cash. So set realistic expectations.  


Next, you will discover the top websites to take advantage of deals so you can get more bang for your money.


1. The Amazing Amazon


The first one is an obvious choice, but hear me out. While most consumers are very well aware of Amazon, most are not familiar with their sister services and websites. Read my contributed article to HappyHumbleHome.com, 9 Money Saving Amazon Services for Your Home


This company is a dominant consumer retailer. Last year, Amazon's market capitalization was roughly $939 billion, slowly creeping to cross over the trillion-dollar mark. They have revolutionized the way we shop, transforming business logistics and platforms across the globe. 


You can find lightning deals and anticipate the upcoming Cyber Monday.



2. Jet.com Offers Great Products at Low Prices


Offering free annual membership with Free two-day shipping on eligible items with a minimum purchase (usually $49), Jet.com may be an excellent alternative for you. This online consumer sells everything from automotive supplies, household items, movies, personal items, sporting goods, and much more. 


If that wasn't close enough to shopping on Amazon, they offer fresh food deliveries in key areas at competitively low prices. Amazon Fresh charges $14.99 a month for most grocery items purchased, plus a suggested tip amount is highly recommended.  Jet Fresh charges a $5.99 shipping fee if orders are less than $35 (subject to change), Free if over $49, plus their prices are reasonably competitive depending on your location. Take that Amazon!



3. Shopping with ShopRunner


This month, you can receive three months free to include Free 2-Day shipping and free returns.  


With a very up-to-date look and modern design, you'll immediately be attracted to Shoprunner.com. Items on this website connect you to brand names from Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann Taylor, and White House Black Market. With over a hundred brand names, you have access to stores for every family member.  


Do you have an auto mechanic in your home? Browse ShopRunner for parts from AutoZone. Have an uncle who loves ties? Shop the site for Hugo Boss neckwear.  




4. Shop for Daily Deals with Newegg.com


If you are looking for name-brand goods from household items to electronics, then Newegg.com may be the store for you. Having never heard of this store before this week, I browsed their site for an hour because of the vast merchandise that intrigued me. You can literally find everything from laptops to camping gear.


With full disclosure, I have never made a purchase from this website, but I did bookmark several items for Christmas gifts.  


While this site does offer a Premier membership to receive exclusive deals and expedited shipping, you can sometimes take advantage of their promotions if you are not a member and enjoy FREE 2-day shipping. This offer comes and goes, so you have to keep an eye on it.  


A 3-month membership cost $19.99, 6-month is $29.99, and 12-month membership is $49.99, which allows you not only free shipping, but you can add up to four friends to your account so they can enjoy the benefits as well. Also included in the membership are free returns, no restocking fee if you send something back, and access to exclusive deals. 




5. Save Money with Wal-Mart


When it comes to saving money and shopping, Wal-Mart is likely the first store to come to mind. After all, their famous motto, "Save Money. Live Better."  We all know you can buy anything from Wal-Mart.com and most likely from any of their stores.


While I am not a fan of their customer service, it is rare to find a competitor who can beat the store pricing. It is a great place to save money during the holiday season.


This company offers FREE 2-day shipping when you spend $35 or more on an online order. Now offering free online grocery ordering, you can pick up food at any of their grocery chains or superstores in case you are hosting a block party, having family over for the holidays, or looking for costumes.  


I tried it out during the summer to test out their process, and to my surprise, their customer service reps went above-and-beyond. They were polite, carefully packed and loaded my groceries, and gave me a free men's shaving bag that included a razor, shaving cream, and aftershave—totally unexpected!


Shop their revamped online store to find savings and very low prices.  Amazon may have a new contender when it comes to low prices.



6. Better Quality & Lower Prices by Target


Probably one of my favorite stores to buy children's clothing, merchandise, and household items because the value and quality far exceed many of its competitors, Target is always a great place to purchase items for the holidays. 


If you are in search of the perfect gift, you can browse Target's customized Gift Ideas Section for Men, Women, At-Home Gourmets, Friendly Competitors and more!


The store has teamed up with Shipt, a home-delivery service that can schedule your deliver at your convenience promoting "Same Day Delivery".  


With products from groceries to home decor, you can enjoy online ordering and pick up at the store, or you can receive FREE 2-day shipping.  


With holiday specials and deals quickly approaching in the calendar months ahead, keep an eye open for each of these websites and take advantage of their FREE shipping and low priced merchandise when advertised, ensuring you can save a reasonable budget during the holidays.  




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