3 Ways to Save Money

September 3, 2018





















This week's blog is a rather short one only because I will be traveling over the weekend and what better blog to leave you with than "how to save money"!


#1 Goggles4U Eyeglasses

I absolutely love my new glasses from Goggles4U!  A few weeks ago I needed a new prescription eyeglass.  After shopping around, I couldn’t find any styles that I liked for under a $100.  


Fortunately I stumble across this company and with prices starting for less than $20, I purchased three pairs which arrived within a week--all for under a $100!  Yes, under $100!


I’m browsing for other pairs right now to find more styles that I like.



#2  Rent Before You Buy


Recently a friend informed about a website where you can rent camera lenses.  This came to fruition after discussing some camera tricks with my Canon camera because traveling around Washington DC I struggled getting that perfect shot that I had hoped for and so I asking questions about different types of lenses to help expand my knowledge to provide better quality photos for my website.  


It was brought to my attention to try Borrowlenses.com where a plethora amount of cameras and lenses are available to rent.  Even better, you can purchase the used items for a fraction of the cost.


This is perfect because lenses are expensive and should you purchase a lense before trying it, you may discover that it isn’t the lense you had hoped for and have shelled out several hundred dollars on a lense you feel mediocre about.  



#3 Ibotta


Read about my blog on this wonderful making maker app!  Click here and Ibotta will reward your account with $10 Free


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