3 Ways to Make Money Fast Online

May 28, 2018






























How on earth can you make it to your next payday?  Well sometimes bills can be overwhelming and you need to get some cash fast without seeking a payday loan or borrowing from friends or family. 


According to most polls, 3/4 of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck so you shouldn't feel alone on this.


Fortunately in today's online environment, it is possible and here are three ways to get paid fast.


1. Sell Online

2. Provide a Service

3. Create a Product


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#1 Sell Online

E-commerce is now the norm and while many fear that competition can be overwhelming, just remember that million of shoppers are actively searching online for someone to solve their problems.

What do I mean by this?  Last year I was cleaning out my garage and started to discard items that I believed was junk.  I took a chance and listed the items on Craigslist just to see if it sparked any interest.  To my surprise, an elderly man instantly emailed me stating he was interested in my table saw because his just broke that week.  He mentioned he was retired and couldn't afford the retail prices at the store.  I ended up getting paid $70 for that saw that I believed was worth maybe $35.  A new one cost $299. 


Another great resource is listing some items on eBay or Ubid.  These are great resources because now you are forcing the market to bid on your items rather than you just setting a price in which you may be under pricing yourself.  Let the market do the work-supply and demand.


If you are still thinking of ways to sell items around your house, start thinking outside the box.  Millions of people have photos in their phones that were taken of outdoor scenarios or perhaps home decor items.  These idea-generating money making photos can be sold online if the quality meets certain requirements with companies such as Pixabay and Photoshelter.  Yes, people will buy your photos, as crazy as that may sound.  Reason is people are looking for new ideas to put on their blogs, social media, pinterest, etc. 



#2 Provide a Service

Perhaps you have some basic or advanced knowledge on particular subjects that really interest you.  Consider online tutoring or teaching online.


I have created several courses online which delivers me income on a regular basis.  My two sources where I teach are Udemy.com & Teachable.com.  I sell educational courses from Pinterest Marketing Secrets, as well as, 4 Ways to Payoff Debt.  If you are interested in taking these courses, use promo code DOLLAROTTER10 to get a discounted rate of $10. 


Another teaching platform source is Lynda.com.  I haven't used this one personally, but have read great reviews and the process looks simple. 


A few other services that can be monetized are posting your services online such as Uber EATS where you use your automobile to deliver food.  I briefly searched the top places you would deliver from and McDonalds pulled over 550,000 searches so I would suggest you would be in and out of this place to receive a commission and tips.


Another service is listing your home on Airbnb if you are away for the summer or gone for a weekend retreat.  Why not earn some money to rent out your place.  This company vets all prospects to protect not only your home but to ensure you are paid as well. 


One my favorite ways to earn cash fast is driving with Lyft.  I've earned up to $45 per hour driving with Lyft and with Stripe handling the direct deposit payments, you can get paid within 5 minutes.  Read my blog on $400 in 4 Days.  There is a strategy to it so I recommend researching Lyft's Money Guide.   



#3 Create a Product


While this method is a bit more time consuming, let me instill in you that it is the best and most profitable way to make money.  Unlike affiliates who get paid their piece of the pie, you can create a product that solves a problem and you receive the vast majority of the profits. 

With sites such as Etsy and Pinterest, you can promote your products and establish your price. 


A very important step to remember when you are deciding to go down this path, you need to keep in mind, SCALE-ABILITY.  If your goal is to earn $500 per month, then think about your price points and your audience. 


Here are the numbers to show the reality of your pricing.  To make $500 and you are selling something for $1, then you have to get 500 customers interested and to buy.  This can be difficult and takes more effort and strategy.  However, selling something at $5, now you have reduced your customer base to 100 customers. 


This is where scale-ability comes into play.  You need a great product that perhaps only 5 people need to purchase.  In this case, you only need to sell 5 at $100.  This is were online courses or your particular niche comes into play.  If you have something of value that people want, they will pay the price so do not undersell yourself.  It can be discouraging at first because getting 5 customers out of 95, this means 95 people said NO!, will feel defeating.  But when the 5 says yes, well....you made your $500. 


Sign up for my course, How to Make Money from Home, where I go over 14 units in-depth covering so many more tactics and strategies where you can work only 20 hours per week and receive income.  It's been one of my best online courses and with the title link above, you can sign up and take it for only $59. 


These 3 Ways to Make Money Online Fast can be your guide to break the chains of living paycheck-to-paycheck or perhaps to get some extra cash fast.  Focus on your niche and your platform and start selling.  Share this blog on your social media account or leave us a comment below to help others in what worked for you. 


Now go earn!





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