How I Made $406.38 in 4 Days

April 16, 2018






















Last week, I released one of my articles, “8 Easy Tips to Make Money for Summer Vacation”.   The premise behind it is to motivate you to throw out your excuses on why you are broke.  I have provided numerous ways you can make money to either help you get out of debt, put towards an IRA, or perhaps start saving for a summer vacation. 


Being a personal finance blogger, I get approached by marketers wanting to put ads on my site.  I pride myself with keeping DollarOtter clean and fresh, so I am very picky and I chose only products or services that I can stand behind.  It isn’t by coincidence that #1 in the article was Lyft.  


Ridesharing has become so popular that I decided to put my money where my mouth is and drive for Lyft over the weekend, starting Thursday.

I chose this because I want you to understand that anyone capable and motivated enough can earn some extra money. 


Because of my transparency, below is snapshot of my Lyft earnings from Thursday until Sunday.  Yes, in four days in made $406.38.  In reality, I made $20 bucks more because of cash tips which Lyft doesn’t see.


After doing this for four days, I honestly believe I could have made over $600 because the first few days I had a learning curve and quickly made up for it the last two days.  As with any new venture, I quickly learned the hot population spots for pick ups and I even tracked when airlines flew into my local airport. 


I chose a variety of hours and worked 24 hours in four days which is an average of 6 hours per day, but I would pick 1-2 hours early morning and 3-4 hours late in the evening. 


If you are looking to make some extra money, use this hyperlink to jump start you a fast bonus. 

Some things that I was not aware of is the numerous rewards and benefits that come along with being assigned as a Lyft driver. 



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One benefit was by day two I had earned Shell Fuel rewards which saved my $0.05 per gallon.  Obviously, fuel would be my largest expense and over the four-day period I spent exactly $71.83 on gas.


Another reward that I am a huge fan of is Goldman Sach’s Honest Dollar.  This program allows you to put away your earnings towards a retirement account such as an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  Right now, through 2018, this firm is waiving its advisory fees.  Other benefits range from eHealth, which we promote, and Turbotax free filing.


So, my overall thoughts, I am actually going to continue this opportunity because I made a lot of new friends along the way, saw new areas of my city I didn’t know existed, and the money is deposited within your bank account once you chose (mine took 5 minutes to reach my bank account). 



The process was way faster than I expected.  On Wednesday, I submitted all the requirements and within two hours or less I was approved.


If you are looking for opportunities to earn some extra money, I highly recommend giving this a shot.  Maybe try it just for a few hours but as I mentioned earlier, it took me a few days to find my pace and learn the system.  Give it a try and comment below on how your experience was.

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