8 Easy Tips to Make Money for Summer Vacation

April 11, 2018

















With spring in the air it is time to start preparing and planning for your summer vacation and family time.  Vacations cost money and if you haven't started saving, then here are several great ways to catch up that will earn you some solid income.


#1 Personal Taxi


The company Lyft matches drivers with passengers through an app based product.  What is unique about this model is the affordable commute price hands down beating taxi prices, in my experience.  Once approved, you will have the flexibility to determine your own work schedule.  Plus, the tips you earn, you keep the full tip amount.  During "Prime Time" hours, you will make more money because rates are increased for the passengers. 


This company is so confident in their business model that they offer an Insurance Protection of commercial auto liabilty up to $1M per occurence.  As far as payday, you will receive direct deposits each week into your account.   



 #2 Affiliate Marketing


If you haven’t heard the phrase Affiliate Marketing, then you are probably leaving money on the table.  This type of advertising is how many bloggers, site posts, etc get paid.  Imagine if you have multiple products that you believe in and use daily.  You decide to call the companies and ask if you can refer them some business.  They say YES and so you tell your friends and family about this product.  These people buy something and these companies will pay you a portion of the sale.


Well calling numerous companies can be very time-consuming and you have to learn to put your best efforts towards your talents.  This is why marketing firms such as MaxBounty have been created.  They do all the leg work for you so all you have to do is find the company in their listing and use the link to post. Too easy!  I love firm MaxBounty because the process is so easy.  I literally find a company and product that I stand behind, select my link, and post it! That's it!  The customer service is above and beyond.  You will be assigned an Affiliate Manager who can assist you. Mine is awesome. (Thanks Bianca!)



#3 Airbnb


If you plan to be out of town or have a spare room in your house or apartment, why not make a extra dollars from this?  By placing your requirements and description into Airbnb, it opens up opportunities to earn money by allowing travelers to use that room for a night or multiple nights.  In my local area in Texas, the average earnings is approximately $841 a month.  This company makes it so easy that if you just provide the space, they will handle all the affairs. You just sit back and earn cash.


 #4 Shipt


You may be surprised how many people do not have time to grocery shop or run to the store.  This void has created a niche.  This new market allows any shopper to order from their Shipt app or online, and the Shipt representative will shop for you and deliver.  When I was working crazy long hours, like 60-80 per week, it was a blessing to have this service.  Just the convenience alone was worth the tip because you can pick your hour block for delivery.


If you're a rep, you can choose when you want to work adding flexibility to your schedule.  The company states it pays anywhere from $15-$25 per hour and I know I personally tip the rep $10 because he and she would unpack my groceries.  What is usually a two-hour trip has turned into a 15-minute job.


#5 TaskRabbit


With Spring in the air and blooming flowers and trees on the horizon, citizens everywhere are mowing lawns, trimming hedges, and cleaning gutters.  With an app and website like TaskRabbit, you can perform these tasks for somebody searching for assistance and charge a marketable price.  This company allows you to be a free agent and they receive a commission, typically up to 30%, for any job you perform.  You can be a handyman, a furniture assembly person, help someone move, paint, etc. So if you perform a task for someone and they pay you $100, then you will receive $70 direct deposit. 


 #6 Freelance


When you freelance, you are working in an online environment from your PC, desktop, Mac, iPhone (you get the point) from anywhere with an internet connection.  It allows you to pick jobs in specialized areas from contractors, businesses, or other entrepreneurs who need a task completed.  I was a freelancer for approximately 2 years while completing my Masters degree and the focus of my work would entail excel formatting and building financial models.  Other jobs might entail proof-reading literature or articles and even art designs.  With that being stated, some months I had earned up to $2,500. Other jobs paid around $50-$90.  Two of my favorite choices are Upwork and Freelance and customers paying you will establish milestones for you to meet.  You can request they front the money into an escrow which gives you comfort they will pay.  


#7 Amazon Affiliates


When looking to earn money online, who better than the number one internet retailer, Amazon.  What was once an online bookstore, is ever changing the retail and tech game.  This company makes it super easy because you know they have products that people want to buy.  All you do is create a post on social media or email and use their link which will pay you a commission in the event the customer purchases something. How cool is that?  You must use the Amazon Affiliates link which is hyperlinked for you.


#8 Create a Blog


Social Media has monopolized the way everyone self-expresses themselves.  It’s a reason why reality TV has been successful and with the rapid change in technology, it is very easy to quickly have a blog up in less than a few hours. 


So why is blogging so popular?  Well, everyone has a passion which is what it boils down too.  It is a chance to share, communicate, and exchange ideas with others of similar passions.  You may be surprised as to how your writing skills and research becomes once you start and will be amazed how you can’t wait to write something you are passionate about. 


When I started Dollar Otter, I jumped in thinking I would only provide information but I have learned more from others than what I have given out.  It was about a month into this that I learned to really monetize the site. 


As I studied and learned more about Making Money Online, I quickly discovered that I could potentially make a living from this.  How inspiring and motivating that is knowing I can spend more time with the family, attend all their field trips and then blog about it later that day!  It is a fun adventure and I love the friends I have made along the way. 


Blogging requires little setup but if you want to monetize it, then you will have to conduct a lot of homework.  I spent many many late nights and hours learning and digesting to see how this is possible and to do it myself. 


Because of my vast learning curve, I created an online course, VERY AFFORDABLE—because I want everyone to live their dream of spending more time with their family and reaching financial freedom, to cut down the study time and make you an expert faster because I have compiled everything I learned into one simple to follow format. Ultimate Course to Making Money!



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