15 Ways to Save an Extra $20 a Week for Back-to-School

July 30, 2018












Many times budgeting and managing your money can feel like a chore.  As adults, we already wear so many hats trying to juggle many of life's tasks and chaotic lifestyle moments thrown in our way.  Fortunately, there is a way to simplify this little chore to making the management and tracking of your money simpler and easier. 




I discovered it a few weeks ago while discussing with Dave Ramsey's team about becoming one of their qualified Financial Coaches.  In this process the team mentioned EveryDollar.com.  It tracks your transactions displaying trends, can track your bank account (with a paid subscription) and sets targets to ensure you are on track to building an emergency fund and paying off your debt.  I use the Free Plan which does everything I need it to with my budgeting.  


Browsing through their blog, I came across a great article on August Challenge: Find $100 in Time for Back-to-School that I had to share.  Here the author breaks out 15 Ways to Save an Extra $20 a Week. 


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Save Money on Groceries


$5 Meal Plan

When it comes to saving money, most of us struggle with keeping our grocery bill at a low pace.  According to the USDA, a family of four can spend anywhere from $146 to $289 per week, or $584 to $1,156 per month.  


This must-have bill quickly climbs for several reasons.  The first reason being is our lack in planning meals appropriately.  You may be guilty of this as well but often times we are shopping for convenience.  We want easy to cook meals saving us time. 

There is some data that presents that our income also determines how healthy we eat.  Fortunately, with a company like $5 Meal Plans, you can subscribe each month for $5 and this wonderful company will deliver you a meal plan that assists you itemizing a grocery list to make shopping easier with meal plans for the week affording you to save time and most importantly saving money.

Save Money Shopping



In mid-July, I wrote an article on getting cash back from shopping.  Similar to coupons, you scan your receipt from purchases made from stores like Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart, Safeway, and many many more.  Downloading the Ibotta app allows you to do this. There is no need to change your shopping habits.  Just scan your receipt after shopping to find cash back opportunities. 


I recommended this app to Christina, blogger of VeganGirlOnTheRun.com, and she shares how she made $30 just from using the app.  Check out her awesome blog!



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Save Money Shopping


FREE Amazon Gift Card 

Yes this is true and not a gimmick.  When I first discovered this I had to research it because I dismissed which is probably what you are thinking too.  For that I would say kudos because you are doing your due diligence. 


Swagbucks has a system in place allowing you to earn point called SB or "swagbucks".  These points can be redeemed for for gift cards or merchandise.  As of the writing on this article, the company has paid out over $281M to shoppers.  It is becoming so popular that it has attracted the attention of media giants like Fox, ABC, & BuzzFeed. 


Once you are registered, you have a plethora of options to earn bucks.  You can shop online and get paid, watch a 30 second commercial, answer some questions from marketers, and play games.  The result of these is you earn swagbucks which are then redeemed.  In my short half hour of playing around with this site and becoming familiar with it, I have earned 401 SB. 

 While it may not seem like a lot for my short 30 minutes, I will be using this during my periods of boredom just to allow it to build up and maybe have enough for Christmas presents this year saving me more money!

 Be sure to read "21 Ways in How to Save Money


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