15 Ways to Make Extra Money

June 21, 2018

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Looking for ways to earn money or make money online, then this page is for you.  Below I have outlined 15 ways to make money online.  Knowing how to make extra income has created a better financial situation for my family and it can work for yours too!


Dollar Otter focuses on achieving financial freedom by paying off those credit cards, getting rids of any loans you may have, and start saving for the future.  As your FREE Money Coach, I recognize that this journey is not an easy one as I struggled too.  


To pay off debt, you already know that you need to earn more money. 

Typically, while most people are living paycheck-to-paycheck, you can either:

A.) increase your revenue (salary or paycheck-- robust to do)

B.) decrease your expenses


C.)increase your income and reduce your outgoing expense


While you can ask your boss for a raise, this usually isn't an option for most people. 

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So here in this blog, here are 15 ways to make extra money!


1. Create an online course - When people think of teaching online, they put the negativity monster in their mind that they don't have enough knowledge to teach. This is so far from the truth. My favorite two platforms where I currently have courses are Udemy.com and Teachable.com.  You can literally make a course for just about anything from How to Drive, How to Bake, How to Cut Hair, etc.  The best part about building online classses is you don't need a website.  I must recommend to you that you take the time to create a quality course.  



2.  Get paid to shop - Yes, I wrote that correctly and didn't believe it initially. Although I am not a big shopper, I do buy groceries and with the app from Ibotta.  I typically make anywhere from $4-$10 back from my groceries. The process is easy. Once the app is downloaded and you have set up your account, once you have the receipt from shopping, you find that store in the list and select which products you purchased. Next, use the QR scanner to scan the code on the receipt, and it uploads. In a few seconds, Ibotta will match up any offers available. After you sign up, you will receive a cash bonus. Here are a few screenshots below.




3.  Online Surveys - personally don't make a lot of money from doing surveys but have tried it and because this article is about earning money, I need to put it out there because these are legitimate ways to make money. If you do a survey, I recommend only these two companies:

-American Consumer Opinion

-Swagbucks (you earn $3 for every referral)


My friend, Doma, from DreamBigBlogHard.com has had much success with it, and it has served her well. Be sure to read her blog 21 Legit Survey Sites to Make Extra Income Online


4.  Write & Sell Ebooks - While it is challenging to make a lot of money from selling ebooks, it is a great way to earn passive income. I have been selling the same ebooks on Amazon for two years now with consistent income anywhere from $5-$25 a month. While it isn't anything substantial, it is regular income that I don't have to keep promoting. I recommend you google KDP Amazon to get started. 



5.  Selling on Amazon -While we just discussed one platform from Amazon, another service this company offers is their Amazon Affiliate Program. Similar to other affiliate marketing, Amazon is the leading industry in consumer products being sold. This firm went from just selling books to shipping your orders the same day. They continue to revolutionize the business market.


6. Working as a Freelancer - Having launched another online business before Dollar Otter, I ran a consulting firm and the majority of my income derived from freelance work. If you don't know what this is, you bid on projects and jobs that companies, businesses, or people are needing to be performed. Positions may require proofreading, others are SEO content, and some require financial modeling (this was my specialty). I could easily make over $2,500 a month working freelance. One of my favorite sources that I actually hire from to assist me in my many projects is  Fiverr.  


7.  Become a Blogger - It wouldn't be fair to keep this one off the list since I too am a blogger. Blogging has opened up so many opportunities for people like you looking to make a difference and find a career that is satisfying. While it does take some time to earn an income from blogging, the sooner you start, the better. My secret is to continue learning from others in your niche and apply what you learn. Secondly, get a mentor! When you start a blog, you need to get the best resources possible. I recommend WordPress because of the added features you'll need later down the road when you expand your blog. Most other sites do not have this capability. You will need a hosting site to get started, so I encourage you to go with bluehost for $3.95 a month.  It comes with a free domain, simple one-click WordPress install, free site builders, and 30-day money back guarantee!





One of the best resources that I have purchased as a blogger (and I still refer to this day) is a bundle deal I bought from Ultimate Bundles.  It contains over 37 resources from every niche, every avenue designed to help you master creativity, product promotion and much more. An even better value is once you obtain the content, you can earn a commission by referring others to their site and help benefit fellow bloggers like yourself.


Don't think bloggers make money?  Well, my friend Alexis of Fitnancials explains how she went from $1K per month to earning over $10K in a year. 


8.  Become a Blogger (continuation) - For more information on how to make extra money, I highly recommend you review my friend's blog from the Butler Journal, 40+ Ways to Make Extra Money This Month, as well as, Frugal Family Adventures, Make Money with your Trash Today


Marvelous Miser shares several ways to make $100 fast for when money is quickly needed. 


9.  Become a Virtual Assistant - Virtual Assistants (VA) are in demand right now. Most notably for Pinterest. This is because numerous businesses are shifting to this visual search engine for web traffic and with the content creation, pinning, SEO, and keyword descriptions that are involved to making pins work, businesses rarely have time for this. Especially small businesses who need to run the day-to-day tasks. So they typically hire this out. Such opportunities are available on Fiverr.  I recommend you take my course through Udemy, Pinterest Marketing Secrets: Earn Monthly Income if you are interested in starting such a career.  Most of these jobs can pay anywhere from $25-$100 per hour depending on your talent and experience.  So be sure you "up your game" by taking my course. 


10.  Get Paid to Drive- I tested this service out to see how legit it is. Be sure to read my blog on How I Made $406.38 in 4 Days by driving with Lyft. Currently, as of the writing of this blog, they are offering a $250 bonus to be paid after you give 100 rides. My average pay driving with Lyft was roughly $18 per hour on weekdays and $35 per hour on weekends. The most significant benefit of driving with them is they direct deposit ASAP when you tap the Deposit button in the app




11.  Email Marketing - ConvertKit is KING when it comes to email marketing services. As more people are shifting to online businesses, it is quickly learned that an email list is crucial. Having worked with several competitors, they are definitely the master in this specialty field, and I personally use them, like many bloggers. Similar to other affiliates, you can earn commissions by referring their services to others. I recommend you do a tutorial on YouTube demonstrating the simplicity and then creating several Pins on Pinterest. Click HERE to get started!


12.  Babysitting - Like most parents, we need a night out and looking for a trusting babysitter can be difficult. The best way to get hired is word of mouth and I when I see, I am usually browsing on the app, NextDoor, because I can select my immediate area and odds are I know someone who knows that person.  


13.  Yard Work - Don't worry.  This company has a plethora of jobs you can perform to earn money.  I have hired someone from TaskRabbit to handle my yard work when I have super busy weeks and just can't get to it. It is app based that searches for availability within your area and you hire based on what you determine is the best price, best rating, etc. Flip that around, and you can work for money. Promote your skills and expertise to get paid! I'm always seeing ads on here from people looking for assistance to clean, move or assemble furniture, haul away trash, wash a car, and much more.


14.  Sell Life Insurance Policies - Before you start throwing mean verbiages at me, let me explain haha. I am life-licensed insurance rep, and it is a great way to earn passive income. People need life insurance because most people don't have it and when tragedy strikes, they are always asking loved ones and family members to help foot the bill for funeral costs when that is the last thing they want to think about. Selling policies part-time can earn you from $85 + (max unlimited) per month.


15.  Referral Marketing - What if I told you that companies pay you if approved, to promote their businesses should customers register, sign-up, or purchase a product or service from them? Well, it is, and millions of people earn income from doing this very thing. For example, Shareasale.com is giving $150 to those who refer merchants to sign up through your designated link that they provide to you.  


If you love using Pinterest as much as me, then you can make pinners' lives much more straightforward by referring them Tailwind.  Without their service, I wouldn't have as large of a footprint on Pinterest as I do because they optimize precisely the best times to post your pins with their state-of-the-art algorithm. You typically get paid by the lead, and this amount may change.


Let us know below in the comments other ways you have earned money that can benefit the community!





BONUS:  Sell Pictures!  The web has laid the foundation to take and sell photos online. As long as you have a decent camera or smartphone, you can sell pictures too. The trick isn't to just upload multiple random images online. I use Shutterstock Contributor and watching their free tutorials and videos show you everything you need to get started.


Another terrific resource is taking an online class through Ultimate Bundles.  This course expires this summer and is highly recommended among most of the blogging community is The Photography Super Bundle 2018.  


The course teaches you how to find the perfect lighting, choose the best settings, frames impressive shots, and much more. It is indeed an all-in-one resource and super affordable. You will receive access to 19 ebooks, 15 ecourses, 6 photography tools such as presets and templates, and online guide. 







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