11 Cheap DIY Bedroom Projects

September 9, 2019


Now that the kids are back in school and the holidays will be approaching quickly, the next few months can be a great time to update your bedroom.


Getting new furniture and remodeling can be expensive. In this article, you will discover eleven bedroom projects you can DIY on a budget. 


Let's get this rolling.


1. Buy Wallpaper



I'm not talking about the 70's and 80's wall-to-wall decorated in floral patterns. You may even be tempted to paint the entire room. Just adding a bold design on one side of your bedroom wall can make the room stand out.


Most home designers recommend making the wall behind your headboard the accent wall. It will draw your eyes toward the wall making a significant impact without having to paint an entire room.   


Check out Lelands Wallpaper. I discovered this Texas couple's online store through a podcast they do regularly. 



2. Add Seating



While the bed is typically the main focal point, adding a chair or bench adds character. Think of adding seats that have color. With the fall on the horizon, try mixing a variety of colors to see what works. 


A great place to visualize how furniture may look in your bedroom is by going to Pinterest and looking at Bedroom chair ideas. On this site, you can view hundreds of designs and determine which fits your style. 


While adding a chair, shop for a standing lamp to turn a boring corner into a reading nook.


3. Add Colorful Pillows


What color is your bedroom? If your room is dull and boring, you can bring life to it by adding some bold patterns and colors with pillows.  


4. Paint Your Ceiling


Perhaps you can't find a wallpaper or paint style that fits your unique style. Have you thought about painting your ceiling? It is becoming a new must-have design with many new homes keeping their walls white and painting the ceiling a light grey or blue.


Browse around on Pinterest and Instagram for numerous ideas and creative solutions.


5. Rearrange Furniture


When was the last time you moved your bedroom furniture around? Most headboards are strategically placed in front of a plain boring wall. Consider moving it in front of a window. Try several areas within the bedroom to determine which placement works.  


6. Add Texture to Your Back Wall



Watching a simple YouTube video, you can easily recreate a back wall that really stands out.  Here is one example from Pinterest.


Go to your local hardware store and price shiplap or 1x4 boards. By adding the wood boards to your back wall, you add a bold new character and life your bedroom.


After the boards are nailed up, choose a paint color to make the wall stand out from everything else. You can add simple, yet classic design.  The lines from the boards add a fresh design to your bedroom.


7. Update Bedding


One of the best tips I received is to browse on websites such as Pottery Barn and pick the design I like.  While these stores can really set you back and may not fit your budget, you can shop around for patterns or similar designs to recreate the look. 


For less than $100, you can update your bedding by purchasing a duvet cover that sips over your current bedding to include pillowcases.


An underutilized resource for this is Instagram.  Just browsing hashtags such as #bedroomdecor, you will find pictures such as the below that will give you additional ideas.



Also, you can shop on Amazon or Target for hundreds of patterns or colors.  


8. Add Life



You've heard that plants have many health benefits such as adding oxygen to the air. According to NBC News, "Extensive research by NASA has revealed that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours".


If you're having trouble sleeping, research has also show that adding bedroom plants can help you sleep.  While Ficus and Fig trees have made a big comeback for indoor decor, "Other calming plants such as lavender and gardenia can also help you sleep and enhance the quality of your sleep" according to Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer.  


Consider adding one to two plants into your bedroom.  Plants such as lavender or snake plants are relatively easy to maintain.  So if you don't have a green thumb, these may be a great option for you. 


9. Add Accent Colors


There is a reason why home improvement shows are so popular.  It gives you ideas, imagination, and desire in updating your own home.  From the massive color schemes to the wood sculpting art in molding, adding some small details to a room can make a big statement.


From mirrors to vases, accessorizing your room with a variety of colors will break up the monotony of plain white or grey. By adding a few accessories like a lamp, picture frame, or nightstand, you can achieve a new look for your room.  


I admit, there are some without this talent.  Fortunately, there is some help.  Check out School of Decorating and read Jackie's blog on How to Create Your Decorating Accent Color Palette.


10. Decor Rug


Add esthetic appeal by adding some color to your floor.  With a variety of designs, rugs not only keep your feet warm, but these can make colorful statements. You can quickly lighten up your room with soft colors or solid color. A light color such as beige or white can help a dark floor liven up. 


Finding the right rug or runner can be difficult, but it is an affordable and cost-effective way to update your boring floor.  With Amazon's rug finder, you can decide which type works best for your room.


11. Pendant Lighting



For under several hundred dollars, you can hire an electrician and purchase pendant lights. Consider removing your nightstand lights and free up space by adding pendant lighting. With LED bulbs, its never been easier to adjust the illumination.  


Forego the massive reconstruction of your dream master bedroom and save money by incorporating some of the ideas mentioned above.  

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