At my blog DollarOtter.com, I write about achieving financial freedom, which often includes smartly saving money, paying off debt efficiently and quickly, key ways in making some side income, and investing for retirement.  I've found that so many families struggle with basic money skills because our school system has failed to properly educate us, which is why my passion is teaching families about Personal Finance. 


We've been trained that the banking system is our friend.  I know, because I use to be a banker.  One of the things my readers love most is that every bit of information in my blogs are FREE and I would love for you to share my website with your friends and subscribe to our email list so you can be first to know when our Money Monday emails are ready!


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Nick Carroll

Founder of DollarOtter.com

Personal Money Coach

Published Author of 6 Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom


I am a recognized commissioned military officer and leader in the community.  I participate my time in a variety of activities and event to help those around me because I am called to serve.   


Starting dollarotter.com in February 2018 has been a calling for many numerous, but because I refused to give blogging chance, this amazing platform to help others was put hold because I didn't believe in myself. 


Fast forward through many of life's lessons, challenges, and experiences, I bring this forward so others learn from my mistakes, as well as, gain from my knowledge and experience. 


Brought online in San Antonio, Texas, dollarotter.com delivers a financial education and incredible lessons to teach you how to handle life's financial challenges.  


Because I get asked often, "What's your education?".  Well, here it is.  I feel like I was in school forever but the greatest lesson I've learned, is to never stop learning.


BSBA in Banking & Finance, University of Southern Mississippi, 2009

MBA with concentration in Finance,  Columbia Southern University, 2011

Masters of Security Analysis  & Portfolio Management, Creighton University, 2014 



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