6 Blogging Phases

Phase 1: Introduction Phase


It is hard to believe that one year ago I launched my blog website, DollarOtter.com.  If you had told me that blogging was in my future, I would have asked you “What is a blogger?”  I’ve launched a few online businesses that made money but never have I launched one that allowed me to personally help families in which is very rewarding for me.


Odds are, you’ve come across a few blog sites that have inspired or motivated you to start your own blog.  The question then becomes where to go from here!  This outline is provided to you as a directional path to follow because starting a blog can be more complicated than just launching a website.  As with any new business or journey, you must have a plan in place or you will find yourself circling the bandwagons and retackling the same issues over and over.  It is not efficient and you’ll waste money. 


So where to start?


The first phase of starting a blog is to define the purpose of why you’re starting a blog in the first place.  Your purpose may be to deliver tips, hints, best practices, time-saving methods, etc.  Your purpose may also be just to make money.  I can tell you that if the sole purpose is to make money, then blogging may not be for you or you may find it very challenging for a variety of reasons.   One common reason is that your readers will be able to see right through you and if you aren’t careful, you’ll come across as just in it for the money and you’ll be facing difficulties building a solid followership. However, if you are genuine and deliver quality sound content, your readers will find tremendous value in your material and will continue to return to your website over and over again.  This is how monetizing your website starts.


So your first assignment is to get out a notebook and start a working journal.  This journal will house your goals, keep you on track, and will contain your good and bad ideas.  With this assignment, jot down your purpose for starting a blog and write down the 5 W’s of accomplishing this goal.  The 5 W’s are the Who, What, Where, When, & Why.  


For example:

Who:  I am starting a food travel blog.

Why: Because of the unique combination of recipes that I have come across during my travel, I want to share my experience with others.

What: Food Travel Blog

Where: The blog will cover a vast area of countries during my travels across the globe.

When: From my time in Europe and Africa




Phase 2: Research/Data Phase


Many bloggers fail to conduct adequate research on their journey to become a blogger.  With the lack of research and data collection, you will find yourself frustrated, throwing away money or overspending, wasting time, and many other frustrating factors. 


When I started diving into the blogger universe, the first challenge I came across was finding whom to trust as a reliable source.  There are so many con-artists and fake claims promising you can make thousands to millions per month.  This is rare and the bloggers making this kind of money are the ones who have mastered the concepts and have been doing it for several years.


Ruth Soukup EBA –Elite Blogging Academy

Michelle Schroeder - Affiliate Marketing

Blog Millionaire - Blogging

Kate Ahl - Pinterest

Pat Flynn - Podcast

Neil Patel - SEO


Phase 3: Planning Phase



Phase 4: Execution Phase



Phase 5: Validating



Phase 6: Momentum Phase


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